Sorry about your dam luck!!! REALLY???

Throw in the towel??? YEAH RIGHT!!!


We are the FRIGGIN' New York Yankees and we buy. The Bronx Bombers retool not rebuild. We are buyers not sellers. I am so sick and tired of the whinny already. Get over it and get ready to root for the new Yankees that will appear shortly in pinstripes.

Yes we have been dealt another poor hand. We now have 4 of 5 opening day starters on the DL. Not to mention Carlos Beltran is back on the DL again, I know that the team has not given up hope or trying to win. That is the mentality of every player that has worn those pinstripes. If not they soon depart. Whether it is a game, division, league or World Series, they are in it to win it. They may not succeed but they will go down fighting.

We have options and tough decisions to make. The biggest problem is time. The trade deadline is looming. Deals that were in strong consideration are now on hold and may require adjustment. That is because our needs have drastically changed. We still need pitching but we now need an ace more than ever.

What can we expect to see:


I still think we will get a right handed power bat. The goal will be one to play third. Last resort would be a DH / outfielder with power from the right side. Chase Headley come on over to the Yankee way. We have been expecting you. Josh Willingham you would look good in Yankee pinstripes. We will keep the light on.

Peter O`Brien and or Robert Refsnyder are you ready for a change of scenery? We need your bat.


I think the only ace, the Yankees can get, will be Clif Lee. Cliff you are on the fast track to becoming a Yankee. I drool for David Price but the Rays are surging. With the Royals hanging around James Shields will have to wait till next year. We want Cole Hamels but so do the Phillies.

Welcome back Ian Kennedy and or Bartolo Colon. We should have never let you go.

Manny Banuelos pack your bags you are coming to New York as soon as possible. You will be in the rotation or the pen in time to make a run in the playoffs.

Set backs???? Nope, just an opportunity for Brian Cashman and Joe Giradi to prove why they are the best in the business. Do not forget Derek Jeter is our Captain. He will do everything he can as a player and a leader to make the Yankees succeed in 2014.

GO YANKEES GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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