Matt Kemp in Pinstripes?

Wow what a dream come true that would be. Could it actually be possible? Dam, there must be some alcohol in this tea. Wait ...... just maybe ...... it could happen!!!!!!!!! But how?

Keep reading the Red Sox would be an ideal landing spot for Matt Kemp. Obvious that their offensive is in the toilet. Outfield is the worst producing in all of baseball. Most believe they have the prospects to make a trade like this. Their minor league system is in the top 10 of baseball and most have them in the top 5. Bleacher Report states that it would only take two of their top pitching prospect and Chris Capuano. Hmm really now who is drinking here. The Dodgers let Capuano go last off season. This is a team that would not come close to matching what the Yankees paid for Jacoby Ellsbury, a life long Red Sox. So far, they have not even come close to matching the salary that Homer Bailey got from the Reds, for Jon Lester. Does anyone believe they would pay Matt Kemp over $21 million a year till 2020. The Dodgers would have to kick in a ton of money.

The Dodgers are still considered a strong possibility to win the World Series. Yet this team has not performed up to expectations. The pen has been nothing close to what it was a year ago. They are getting very little offense out of the catching group. LA is in need of a proven utility guy. Still have an abundance in the outfield. Yet, are considered the favorite to land David Price. Joc Pederson maybe dangle along with some promising pitching prospects, for Price. They need a lot of money to sign Hanley Ramirez. David Price will not sign in 2016 unless he is well paid. So moving Kemp does provide salary relief and relieve the log jam in their outfield.

LA will trade Kemp, it is just a matter of time. Can the Yankees get him? I think so. I think a combination of:

Adam Warren

Kelly Johnson or Yangervis Solarte

John Ryan Murphy

Yes, I think this will get it done. Most trades for Matt Kemp, have LA sending a boat load of cash to pay down Matt's Salary (approximately 119,250 million dollars over the rest of 2014 thru 2019). That is a bunch of money. Not many teams can or even consider paying out that kind of money for one player. The Yankees can and continue to do so. So why would the Dodgers do this. The rumors run amok that the upper management in LA and Kemp are not getting along. He is a disgruntled employee, that has not met their expectations. As mentioned before they are faced with a possibility of huge salaries looking them in the face, starting next year. They need help in the pen, at catcher and a super utility guy. Adam Warren has been very good out of the pen. Been a shut down reliever this year. (That would improve LA's pen) Either Johnson or Solarte gives the Dodgers back the flexibility they are currently missing in a super utility guy. (That helps the Dodgers). Murphy is an up and coming backstop. JR is an upgrade over anyone of the current catchers on the Dodger's roster. (That for sure is a boost to the Dodgers) Hell, I would think if needed the Yankees would throw in a promising minor league pitcher.

Why should or would the Yankees consider this? Matt Kemp has spent most of 2012 and 2013 on the DL. He is now showing signs of becoming the stud he once was. Moving to the American League would allow him to DH more and take more of the wear and tear off of his body. He is currently hitting .274 with an OBP of .336. He has hit 7 home runs and has 28 RBI's. That is better than anyone we have had play right field for sometime. Those numbers will only get better playing in a hitter friendly park. The Yankees have been missing that power from the right side of the plate. Yes we hurt the pen, but Shawn Kelley is getting better and better since his return off the DL. One has to believe, by the trade deadline Brian Cashman will add a starter to the current rotation. That would put David Phelps and or Chase Whitley back into the pen come August for sure, if not sooner. So the bullpen gets stronger by the addition of a starter. The Yankees still have Francisco Cervelli as a backup at catcher and Austin Romine is in triple A waiting for another chance, to prove he is a big league catcher. One thing to remember is Francisco Cervelli has been working out at first and third. This makes him a more versatile player for the Bronx Bombers. Not to mention Scott Sizemore is still in triple A, if we need help at third or second. Cashman will have to move either Alfonso Soriano or Ichiro Suzuki but is that a bad thing.

Is this a possible trade? I think so.

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