The Yankees could be spenders in 2015

Isn't that a surprise? The Yankees spending money on the Free Agent market? Coming into 2015 the Yankees will have a lower payroll and if they want to make a run at Plan 189 ( Please let's not try that again ). Here's a look at what is coming off the payroll
Alfonso Soriano: 19,000,000
Hiroki Kuroda: 16,000,000
Derek Jeter: 12,000,000 ( This one hurt to put down, I'm going to miss you Captain )
Ichiro Suzuki: 6,500,000
Kelly Johnson: 3,000,000
Brian Roberts: 2,000,000
David Robertson: 5,215,000 ( Unless he is resigned which I hope he is )
Starting Pitchers:
Max Scherzer: After winning the 2013 Cy Young, Max is having a decent year. He is 29 and will be 30 at the end of July. Coming into the season he rejected a massive contract that would have put him among the top paid pitchers and players. If the Yankees were to sign him it would likely require a massive contract in the 6-7 year range. I really wouldn't give him nor anyone that kind of contract just for having one great year. If he repeats his 200 inning 200 strikeout performance and keeps the ball on the ground he might be worth it.
Jon Lester: Lester is a left hander pitching for the Red Sox ( I know it's disgusting ). Last year and this year he is the Red Sox ace. If he came to the Yankees he would be the real number 2 behind Tanaka. He rejected a contract offer for 85 million. He would likely be looking for Homer Bailey type money around 100 million which if he has another great season he could easily get.
Short Stop:
J.J Hardy: Hardy is known for his 20 HR right handed bat. The Yankees could use a right handed power bat in this line up. Besides his bat he is also known for his great defense as SS. He won the 2013 Gold Glove and 2013 Silver Slugger. Many people have him either being resigned by the O's or coming over the Yankees. He is having a rough year offensively though which will hurt his value.
Jed Lowrie: He like Hardy will be 31. He isn't the defender that Hardy is and isn't as impressive with the bat but he is a solid player who would be cheap on the market. He is a switch hitter and that gives him an advantage over Hardy.
Third Base:
Chase Headley: His power from 2012 didn't return but he still ranked among the top 10 3rd basemen. He is a switch hitter with an above average bat and a great glove over at third. He will be 31 in 2015.
Pablo Sandoval: The Panda is no longer the Panda. In 2013 he had decent year hitting .338 in his final 41 games. While he isn't known for his defense as 3rd like Headley he still has a decent glove and bat. Another thing to remember is that he will only be 28 in 2015. I won't be surprised if he is a free agent or is resigned by the Giants.

Total amount coming off the payroll: 63715000

That would put the Yankees below 189,000,000 at 145701323. If the Yankees wanted to stick below 189,000,000 they could. But we all know the Yankees won't. There are multiple holes on the Yankees in 2015 that could filled with free agents or by prospects. There is a strong market for SS and SP. There is also a decent market for 3B.

The Free Agents I highlighted are ones I would like to think the Yankees would go after. Thanks for reading!

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