Where Are They Now?

In light of the news of former top SS prospect Eduardo Nunez being traded (crated and shipped?) to the Minnesota Twins, I thought we all should be reminded of 2013 by finding our former favorite punching bags and seeing how they are faring with their new teams. Keep in mind that it is amazingly early in the season, but for most of these guys, it is a glaring look into what the future holds.

"He does something every game...", says Suzie with a smile. Yup, remember Jayson Nix? Well, the Phillies wanted to see what that something was and signed him after he was released from his MiLB deal with the Rays. He is currently inhabiting a bench spot with the club and has only 12 AB under his belt, but Nix is sporting a .167/.167/.167 line with 0 walks and 5 strikeouts. He has seen time at both 3B and SS, with 1 error made at SS.

Joba Chamberlain was once upon a time a highly regarded prospect with the Yankees. After being yo-yo'd between starting and relieving, he accrued enough brake dust through the Joba Rules to lose the prospect shine and now he pitches in the Detroit bullpen. Although Joba has only seen one inning of work, he has managed to give up 4 hits and 2 ER (18.00 ERA) in that one inning.

Speaking of former pitching prospects, Phil Hughes, now of the Minnesota Twins, has already had his first start and along with that has already given up his first 2 HR. On April 3 against the White Sox, Hughes pitched 5.0 innings giving up 7 hits and 4 ER while hitting one batter, walking one batter and striking out one batter. Glad to see that the HRs werent limited to YS3.

The Milwaukee Brewers opted to DFA Juan Francisco in order to take former Yankee 1B Lyle Overbay with them on their opening day roster. Overbay was the regular 1B for the Yankees in 2013 and now splits time with another former Yankee, Mark Reynolds. Overbay, who has played in 4 games in 2014, sports a line of .083/.214/.167 in 12 at-bats.

Speaking of Mark Reynolds, as the other part of the 1B platoon with Overbay, he is mashing the ball to the tune of .250/.367/.500 with the same number of HR as the entire 2014 Yankee team so far. Reynolds still likes to strike out, as evidenced by his 7 K in 12 AB that he is currently sporting.

The biggest problem with 2013 was the injury bug. One player that was hit harder than most of the Yankees, was outfielder Curtis Granderson. Grandy was hit by a pitch twice (once after just coming back from the inital injury) and never really got a foothold on the season. Now, switching Subway rides, he plays with the Mets and although isnt hitting for average, he still shows that he has some pop left in the bat. His line of .167/.200/.417, reflects 1 HR and 3 2B.

Raise your hand if you played one game with the 2013 Yankees and didnt contribute? Anyone? Bueller? Oh, Travis Ishikawa, hello, didnt see you over there in Pittsburgh. Sure enough, the Pirates are collecting former Yankees and Ishikawa, although only playing one game, did play. He is now the Pirates LH platoon 1B and is hitting well. His line of .308/.400/.538 through 13 AB would have come in handy in 2013.

Since we are talking Pirates and former Yankees, lets talk briefly about Chris Stewart. He added value to the Pittsburgh getting hurt. That is all.

David Huff was used down the stretch of 2013 as a long man/spot starter and wasnt terrible, but wasnt great either. He was traded earlier in the offseason to the San Francisco Giants, who have been using him as a lefty reliever. Huff has pitched 3.1 innings, giving up 3 hits (1 HR) and 2 ER. He has struck out 3 and walked 1.

I hate to do it, but last but not least is Robinson Cano. The best second baseman in the world left his former team to search for happier times with more dollars (and more Starbucks) in Seattle. As the starting second baseman, Cano is putting up numbers not unlike those that the Yankees fans used to enjoy in the Bronx. His line stands at .391/.500/.478, but he has yet to hit his first Mariner home run.

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