Biggest Hits and Misses from the Yankees offseason so far

This has been a very busy offseason for the New York Yankees and many changes have been made to a roster that scored only 650 runs last season and did not make the playoffs for the second season since 1995.

Yankee fans were anticipating an offseason in which the organization made a few changes, but really tried to stick to their goal of staying under that 189 million dollar salary mark. Instead, what Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner had once called a, "mandate," turned into a goal and that goal in the last couple of days has ended up being a distant memory.

The Yankees might not be done handing out contracts this offseason. With the theme of 3 strikes and 3 outs in mind here are 3 hits and 3 misses from the offseason to this point just 18 days away from spring training.

Hit-Brian McCann was the first big signing of the offseason for the Yankees and seems to be a perfect fit for a team that had Chris Stewart as their starting catcher last season.

With the short porch in right McCann should have a field day hitting at his new home. In addition to his offense he brings a presence of leadership to a clubhouse that just lost two leaders and legends in Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte.

Hit-The Yankees had no choice, but to sign the best pitcher on the market and Masahiro Tanaka was exactly that.

He is signed for 7 years with an opt out after the 4th year and brings plenty of talent to a rotation that could use his youth and ability.

Obviously, fans do not know what they are going to see from Tanaka, but they should not expect him to be an ace right away. There needs to be time for Tanaka to become comfortable in the Bronx and his new teammate Hiroki Kuroda, another good signing this offseason, will help him adjust to his new home.

Hit-The signing of outfielder Carlos Beltran has gone too far under the radar this offseason and it is arguably the biggest acquisition for the Yankees.

He may be older, but he still provides middle of the lineup power, an arm that Mark Ellis still has nightmares about, and a postseason resume that has some people putting him in the Hall of Fame conversation.

His presence in the clubhouse and leadership on and off the field are a perfect fit for the Yankees.

With all of that said the Yankees had a great offseason with other key signings that improved the team, but no offseason is perfect and the Bombers did let some key players slip away.

Miss-The Yankees lost 2B Robinson Cano, their best player, this offseason and they did have to let him go.

There is no way the organization could afford to give Cano 10 years and 240 million dollars. It was best for the team, but it is a big loss so it does counts as a swing and a miss.

Miss-If you have read my prior article about David Robertson then you already know what is coming. The Yankees made a mistake letting Grant Balfour sign with the Tampa Bay Rays.

David Robertson does not have nearly enough close experience and Balfour is coming off of an All Star season in that role.

The Yankees also need to find someone to replace Robertson in the 8th inning and as the fans know that is going to be almost impossible.

Miss- Finding a replacement for Robinson Cano was always going to be difficult, but the Yankees had two golden opportunities to acquire a good second basemen.

The Yankees had a chance to sign Omar Infante and because they would not give him a three year deal he signed with Kansas City.

Later on in the offseason, the Cincinnati Reds offered to trade their All Star second basemen Brandon Phillips to the Yankees for OF Brett Gardner. The Yankees passed on that because his contract was worth too much money. Looking back that trade looks pretty good for the Yankees.

As a whole, the Yankees have done a great job finding a way to rebuild this team with all of the losses they had this offseason. There still might be more to come with the news that the Yankees are interested in SS Stephen Drew.

Yankee fans to this point should very satisfied with the way the organization has handled the team over the winter and has brought back that, "win at all costs," mission statement.

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