Making a move..

I've read all about everyone's plan for what the Yanks should do at third base for this season. Here is my two cents... I think it would be an insult to the Captain to ask him to change his position in what could be his last season ever. Not to mention the fact that third base isn't exactly the easiest position to just jump in and preform at. Eric Jageilo is going to be the 3b of the future. This year's draft may actually be the best one the yankees have had in a while. Jageilo was a star 3b at Notre Dame, and preformed well in his short stint in the minor leagues this season, (The other two first round picks were Aaron Judge, and Ian Clarkin. Judge is massive and won the College HRD, and Clarkin is compared to Clayton Kershaw) but that's all off topic a little bit. My point is that our farm has some big things coming in the future, but they're all two or so years off. This is where we need to go make a move in the free agent market, or via trade. Why nobody has taken a look at Michael Young is beyond me. First off, the man has bounced around the past year or so, but was in Arlington for most of his career, and was an outstanding person/player when he was there. If there was one person in the MLB that would walk in and fit right in to the Yankee mold, it would be Michael Young. As to questions about his ability, he was always a good infielder, and hit .280 last season, which was almost 30 points higher than Steven Drew who everyone wants. Does nobody remember that Steven Drew has had plenty of opportunities to play and has never really been a star? Why pay him so much money to be mediocre? We already have a SS who can play other positions and can't hit in Brenden Ryan, and he's a much better defender than Drew. Young could come in and sign a two year, 10-15 million dollar deal, and finish out his career with a franchise that has a reputation of always being a contender. Then comes the question: What do we do with Young when A-Rod comes back? First off, A-Rod is a joke. While he was quietly productive last year, the things he has done to destroy the game of baseball are unparalleled. He is an abomination. If the best hitter in the history of baseball is never allowed to affiliate himself with the MLB again because of a gambling scandal, why should Alex be allowed to step on a major league field ever again? That being said, I understand that we will have him for a few more years, and this does need to be addressed. It's simple, Young will move to second base while we wait on another second baseman to make himself available on the FA market. Cito Culver and Angelo Gumbs aren't going to hack it in the Yankee MIF. Another very valid option is to go ahead and trade for Jurickson Profar, who is out of a position at SS because of the un Godly contract given to Elvis Andrus. We could bring him in, even though it would cost us the farm, and let him play 2b, and transition to Ss post-Jeter. Young would be the DH of 2015. This would make the lineup look something like this








Profar- 4




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