A Look at Yankees First Rounders from 2000-2008

I was reading some Yankee news when I came across a comment that mentioned that Jacoby Ellsbury could have been drafted by the Yankees. I found this interesting and decided to look into it. Next thing I knew, I got completely carried away on my quest to figure out why the Yankees can't develop players. (Boredom of a college kid on break)

As I looked through the miserable years, the question I found myself asking was, "Is it really that the Yankees can't develop the players that they draft, or is it that the Yankees are drafting the wrong players?" Here is a look at the first round and supplemental picks that the Yankees made (in bold), and the picks that they could have made.


Pick #28 – Dave Parrish (C) – Career Minor Leaguer (0 bWAR)

Pick #29 – Adam Wainwright (SP) – 29.4 bWAR (he could have been a nice piece for our question-mark rotation)

Pick #38 – Kelly Johnson (2B) – 16.5 bWAR


Pick #23 – John-Ford Griffin (OF) – Career Minor Leaguer (0 bWAR)

Pick #34 – Bronson Sardinha (SS) – Career Minor Leaguer (0 bWAR)

Pick #42 – Jon Skaggs (RHP) – Career Minor Leaguer (0 bWAR)

Pick #25 – Bobby Crosby (SS) – 5.3 bWAR

Pick #26 – Jeremy Bonderman (RHP) – 5.2 bWAR

Pick #30 – Noah Lowry (LHP) – 10.2 bWAR

Pick #38 – David Wright (3B) – 46.6 bWAR (he would really fill that gap left by the A-Rod suspension)

Pick #44 – Jayson Nix (SS) – 3.5 bWAR


No picks


Pick #27 – Eric Duncan – Career Minor Leaguer (0 bWAR)

Pick #28 – Daric Barton (C) – 9.0 bWAR

Pick #29 – Carlos Quentin (OF) – 11.0 bWAR

Pick #37 – Adam Jones (SS) – 19.3 bWAR (he could have been the homegrown outfielder to fill Bernie's shoes...cleats?)


Pick #23 – Phil Hughes(RHP) – 6.3 bWAR – Yankees first 1st rounder of the decade to reach majors

Pick #37 – Jon Peterson – Career Minor Leaguer (0 bWAR)

Pick #41 – Jeff Marquez (RHP) – 0 bWAR

Pick #31 – J.P. Howell (LHP) – 5.2 bWAR

Pick #37 – Gio Gonzalez (LHP) – 14.3 bWAR

Pick #40 – Huston Street(RHP) – 11.2 bWAR


Pick #17 – C.J. Henry (SS) – Career Minor Leaguer (0 bWAR)

Pick #21 – Cliff Pennington (SS) – 8.4 bWAR

Pick #23 – Jacoby Ellsbury (OF) – 21.0 bWAR (another potential homegrown Bernie shoe filler)

Pick #25 – Matt Garza (RHP) – 14. bWAR

Pick #28 – Colby Rasmus (OF) – 12.6 bWAR

Pick #42 – Clay Buchholz (RHP) – 14.6 bWAR


Pick #21 – Ian Kennedy (RHP) – 9.2 bWAR

Pick #42 – Joba Chamberlain (RHP) – 7.1 bWAR

First draft where the Yankees drafted the best first round talent available with their picks


Pick #30 – Andrew Brackman (RHP) – 0.1 bWAR

Pick #34 – Todd Frazier (3B) – 5.6 bWAR

Pick #48 – Josh Donaldson (C) – 9.1 bWAR

Pick #54 – Tommy Hunter (RHP) – 5.7 bWAR


Pick #28 – Gerrit Cole (RHP) – Immense talent but he did not sign, so I won’t find alternates for this pick

Pick #44 – Jeremy Bleich (LHP) – Career Minor Leaguer (0 bWAR)

Pick#46 – Logan Forsythe (3B) – 1.4 bWAR

When looking at these picks, the ones that the Yankees really messed up were Adam Wainwright, David Wright, Adam Jones, Gio Gonzalez, Jacoby Ellsbury, Matt Garza, and Clay Buchholz.

Instead, the Yankees have a grand total of 0 of their picks on their roster, and the majority of their picks were career minor leaguers. It would be interesting to see how the Yankees total bWAR drafted compares to other teams that also pick in the 20-30 range for each draft.

That being said, the Yankees missed out on a few superstars but the plethora of career minor leaguers, once again has me questioning their ability to identify talent, let alone develop it.

(All factual information is from Baseball Reference) (Also sorry about the picks being smushed, adding line breaks wasn't working for me)

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