To Plunk, Or Not To Plunk. That is the Question.

Or: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Obviously, given that Joe Girardi was fined 10.6 times more than Ryan Dempster on a normalized per annual salary basis, we have not seen the end of this latest chapter in the Alex-Rodriguez-is-a-Big-Fat-Meaniepants-So-We'll-Show-Him saga.

The Yankees showed considerable restraint Sunday evening in just winning the game instead of committing the sort of childish theatrics that ESPN was certainly hoping for.

The obvious choice of next step for the Yankees would be to sign a 105mph fireballer with limited control to a one-day contract that just happens to coincide with the next Yankees/Sox matchup. This, though, being even less subtle than Dempster requiring four attempts to hit Alex in the first place, would probably be derailed by MLB before it could be executed.

The better choice is to do nothing this season, especially as the Dempster "suspension" effectively keeps him out of jeopardy this year.

The MLB and the Umps will be looking to toss the first Yankee that so much as sneezes in the direction of one of the hobos that play for the Sox during the next series. As there is an outside chance we could be in wildcard contention next month, we don't need 10+day pitcher suspensions fouling up our plan to infuriate MLB and all Yankee haters everywhere. We do, however, need cunning, stealth and a little help from our friends. To that end, here is a plan:

There has to be a National League team that has some internal connection to the Yankees, and that the Sox play in an away-interleague game. For the life of me, I can't think of one, but then again, I'm just a lowly engineer and not a baseball insider. If we think hard enough, I bet we can find one. All we would then need is for the Sox to be stupid enough to pitch Dempster in the NL park and the problem could take care of itself.

Oh, I almost forgot: Red Sox at Dodgers this weekend.

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