Who We're Chasing, Week August 19-August 25

Division Race, Yankees 7.5 back of the Red Sox and 6.5 back of the Rays

Red Sox: 3 @ Giants, 3 @ Dodgers

As it stands now, the Red Sox will avoid Bumgarner, Cain, Greinke and Kershaw. Ryu is scheduled to face them on Saturday. Let’s cross our fingers for a 3-3 week anyway.

Rays: 3 @ Orioles, 3 vs Yankees

As of now, Price will pitch today and against us on Sunday. Despite that, it’s a tough week for the Rays, maybe even a 2-4 stumble. Cobb is scheduled to pitch against the Orioles and Archer is scheduled to pitch Saturday. If Girardi decides to give Kuroda and Sabathia an extra day of rest by starting Huff on Tuesday, he’ll match Kuroda, Sabathia and Nova against the Rays, otherwise the Rays will face a spot starter instead of Kuroda.

Orioles 3 vs Rays, 3 vs A’s

Tillman also pitches twice for the Orioles this week. This week Baltimore falls under "the enemy of your enemy is your friend" characterization. Go Orioles. A 4-2 home stand would be good, going 3-3 or 2-4 would not surprise.

The weekend could be a good chance to gain some ground against all the teams ahead of them.

Wild Card Race

Rangers: 3 vs Astros, 3 @ White Sox

It could only get any easier if they missed Chris Sale, but at least Sale can mow them down on Friday. The Rangers will look to put a little distance between themselves and Oakland this week.

A’s: 3 vs Mariners, 3 @ Orioles

The A’s will face Iwakuma on Wednesday, but miss King Felix. The A’s are the only leading or chasing team outside of the East who plays another team in the race.

Indians: 3 @ Angels, 3 vs Twins

The Indians face Weaver on Monday in Los Angeles. A cake week.

Royals: 3 vs White Sox, 3 vs Nationals

The Royals will miss Sale and Strasburg. They will face Gonzalez and Zimmerman. The Nationals have played better of late, almost reaching .500 again, but after 13+ relief innings on Saturday, they do not have an off day this week. It’s a good time to catch them.

Given the schedules, gaining a half game might be the best the Yankees can do against these four teams.

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