Current Yankee top deadline trade candidates?

This time of year to me is the most exciting time of the year. Kinda like Christmas in July. Rumors abound about impending trades. Yet 90% never happen. Just like Christmas where you only get part of what you have been dreaming of.

Speaking of dreaming, here is my dream trade list targets:

1. Hanley Ramirez.......He would be my top choice. With his ability to play 3B or SS and his offensive potential. That much needed RH hitter in our line-up. Think of the possibilities?

2. Giancarlo Stanton.......Youth, power and good defense all in one. What a right handed addition he would be?

3. Chase Headley.......Could play multiple positions (3B/1B/RF/LF/DH) if needed. His stellar defense at 3B and offensive production makes him very desirable. Wow what a switch hitting addition.

4. Cliff Lee.....Has done it for so long. Has to be one of the top five left-handed starting pitchers in baseball. Instantly makes any team a strong playoff team. He is an ACE.

5. Joe Mauer.....Wow sign him up. Never been a catcher that can hit like Mauer. Hell put him at first or DH for the Yankees. Who would not take that batting average? Any team would be proud to have him.

Well now back to reality.

I keep reading about what every writer from coast to coast thinks or believes the Yankee's needs are? Somewhere in all this rhetoric has to be some middle ground. I guess maybe I am just adding my spin on all I have read from these sportswriters across this nation. Here's my take in need order:

1. First Base ----- We need a power hitting, with a respectable batting average, right handed hitting option here. Lyle Overbay has done a good job against right handed pitching. To be honest he sucks against a loogy.

2. Catching ----- We cannot afford the weak offensive numbers that are being supplied by Austin Romine. It is clear Austin needs more offensive seasoning in triple A. This might change with Francisco Cervelli coming back soon, I am not holding my breathe on this one. Preferable a left handing hitting option. This would allow a more favorable match up offensively.

3. Third Base ---- David Adams has shown the ability to play the hot corner. He just seems to have lost his confidence at the dish. Will Alex Rodriguez be the answer or the problem? Time will tell. We must get a power hitting option or at a minimum of a good offensive left handed hitting option.

4. Short Stop ---- We are simply just adequate at best now. With Eduardo Nunez scheduled to come off the DL on July 5th it will improve, but not drastically. Still looks like the end of July for Derek Jeter to return. What does Derek have left in the tank? Can he be expected to play everyday? There are so many unanswered questions at SS. We need a upgrade here or at least a left handed hitting good average option.

5. DH ----- When your top DH hitter is Travis Hafner. You have to take a cautiously opportunistic approach. That being said, their is a strong need for a power hitting right handed option. Hopefully, someone who can play another position on this team.

6. Pitching ----- Been said by many "One can never have enough pitching." This is always true. Yet this is a strong suit of the Yankees this year. With Michael Pineda getting healthier we look sound here, even if one of our older staters go down. One glaring need would be in the pen. A lefty to compliment Boone Logan is needed. Truth is we have several options in the minor leagues. One thing is for sure the Yankees can develop relief pitchers.

7. Outfield ---- Curtis Granderson will be returning off the DL, by the end of the month. This will potentially eliminate any need here. I guess we could add a power hitting right handed option but he would be just that an option. He would therefore need to be able to play other positions.

Who is known to be available that fills the Bronx Bomber's needs:

1. Kendrys Morales is a switch hitting 1B/OF/ DH. He is in his final year of his contract with the Mariners. He finally seems health. Producing strong number at plate this year. Has socked 9 homers, while playing in their spacious stadium. To go along with a .275 batting average, on base percentage of .330 and a .440 slugging percentage. Kendrys is a below average fielder but makes up for it with his bat. Would love to see him as our back-up first baseman, 5th outfielder and even future full time DH.

2. Michael Young is as steady as they come. Never has possessed the ability to be a gold glover but is at least average wherever he plays. Michael plays 1B/2B/ SS/3B/DH. This right handed hitter has 4 hrs, .287 BA, .350 OBP and .410 SLG. Young is in the last year of his contract with Philadelphia. Be awful hard to go wrong with this guy. He just fills too many needs. Worse case scenario he becomes our super utility guy on this team.

3. Michael Morse is in the last year of his contract in Seattle. Make no doubt about it he is a poor defender. Better suited for the DH role, than any defensive position on the field. As a hitter he produces to a tune of 11 hrs, BA of .251, OBP of .310 and SLG of .450. He works best as simply a right handed option at 1B/DH/LF/RF. One likes the offensive production but will need a late inning defensive replacement.

4. Matt Adams is pushing hard for more playing time in St Louis. Just no place for him to go. Powerful left handed hitter that is coming into his own. He plays RF/1B/DH, none very impressively. Just hard to move him up on my list because of the need for a right handed power in our lineup. He has not proven that he can consistently hit left handed pitching. With that powerful left handed swing he would be tailor made for our stadium.

5. Paul Konerko is he available? The rumors go back and forth. If he is available he would be a strong right handed option at 1B/DH. Currently on the DL with back issues. This makes him nothing more then a platoon option at 1B and DH. Truth is with his back problems DH is position he would show the most promise. If health, one has to give him strong consideration. If for no other reason than respect from what he has done in baseball.

6. Chase Utley injuries have robbed him of is superstar status. While in his last year of his contract in Philadelphia, it is not crystal clear if they want to trade him. He would become a top bat in our lineup that is with out a doubt. Can he stay healthy? Can he still play 1B? Would he be willing to try 3B? Way too many question about Chase to move him up on this list. Would be certainly welcome to join our team.

7. Aramis Ramirez is a strong third basement who seems to produce better the second half of a season. Would be a nice addition but has another year of double digit million dollar salary. Hard to see him having a position if A-Rod returns. As a rental he would workout great. But the Brewers would need to pay down his salary for him to move up on my list.

8. Justin Morneau is a good all around 1B. Since his concussion a couple years ago, he is nowhere near his MVP status. His power number are falling at an alarming rate. Is this a result of Minnesota's new stadium? No doubt his homer run production would increase in Yankee Stadium, with its short right field porch.

9. Josh Willingham currently has produce very well for the Twins. He would become our right handed option for LF and DH. He is a strong middle of the order run producer. Who is in the last year of his contract. His bat would be welcome addition on 95% of the teams in baseball. The problem is no one wants to give up major prospects to land him. Nor do they like his defense. Most teams seem to be playing the waiting game to see what he wants to sign for a contract this off season.

10. Alex Rios would be a costly addition to this club. The White Sox would love to unload his contract. As always the question become which Alex Rios will you get. Can be one of the top outfielders in baseball one month to the biggest disappointment the next. Just too much money owed on his contract to give him much consideration. Then again maybe the Chicago might eat a huge chunk of his contract.

Well there it is my trade list. Time for your opinion.

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