How about this potential blockbuster trade? No. 2 [UPDATED]

Those Yankees suddenly cannot buy a run, much less a winning streak. Brian Cashman appears to have gone from hero to goat. Those off-season moves are just not panning out anymore. That dreaded injury bug has bored a hole in this teams soul. How quickly things change. We all are holding our breath waiting on the return of that new savior (uh old savior) Alex Rodriguez. Yes A-Rod his injured hips and baggage. We wait impatiently for the return of the Captain, Derek Jeter. The Captain surely will right this sinking ship.

Now for that potential blockbuster trade. Cleveland has hung tough to second place in the central division. Not even good enough for third place in either of the other two divisions. With the Royals breathing down their necks does not look like a playoff spot will be available for the Indians this year. They need to improve their rotatation.

1. Asdrubal Cabrera is back off the disable list. He is one of those guys who makes the highlight reel but yet blows a simple ground ball to short. This guy can hit, with surprising power from a switching hitting shortstop. The Indians are faced with a dilemma, they currently have 3 of their top 8 prospects tolling at shortstop. With Francisco Lindor, baseball #17 best prospect, heading up the list . Easy to see why they would consider moving Asdrubal. With the likes of Dorssys Paulino and Tony Wolters a trade becomes more of a necessity. These prospects are all currently blocking each other in the Indians farm system. They also have Mike Aviles, who did a good job holding down shortstop, when Cabrera was on the DL. Aviles is better suited as an utility player but bottom line is he gets the job done. Asdrubal's down fall is a 10.5 million dollar price tag for 2014.

2. Carlos Santana is having another stellar year for the tribe. His ability to catch and play first gives a team a lot of options. He has played some outfield but nothing close defensively as behind the plate or first base. Remember this is a switch hitter so he becomes even more versatile. He may become expendable because of the continual good production of Yan Gomes behind the plate. Specially, since Nick Swisher has no other regular position on this team except first base.

  • Looking ahead for the Indians, Sheldon Ocker of the Akron Beacon Journal wonders whether this could be the last season that Carlos Santana toils behind the dish. With a Yan Gomes/Lou Marson tandem potentially capable of holding down the catching role, and Santana's offensive gifts outpacing his defensive development, Ocker says that Santana makes more sense as a first baseman/designated hitter going forward.

These two would aid the Yankees this year and moving forwards in the future. With Cabrera getting valuable knowledge from Derek Jeter. He will become a much more consistent fielding shortstop. This would allow more DH time going forwards for Derek and Alex. Asdrubal has some third base experience as well and could work nicely as a fill in or replacement for A-Rod. The problem becomes getting Santana, he will not come cheap. Carlos has a very favorable team contract, with team control written all over it.

What would it take to get these two:

1. Ivan Nova a former 18 game winner who just pitched a very strong game. He is becoming more and more expendable because of the progress Michael Pineda is making towards his return to the major leagues. Ivan is under years of team control.

2. David Phelps has shown the ability to be a very versatile pitcher. He has thrived in the pen and the starting rotation. He also become more available because of the impending return of Michael Pineda. With Adam Warren becoming a stand out as the Yankees long reliever, this has allowed the Yankees to consider trading Phelps.

3. Gary Sanchez is the Yankees top prospect. Has shown consistent power and average behind the plate. Looks like a can't miss prospect. He realistically is about 2 to 3 years away from making his big league appearance. Gary is currently the #2 or #3 catching prospect in baseball, depending on who you listen too. He is very young and yet has a very bright future.

4. Chris Stewart has done a very respectable job behind the plate for the Yankees. He is nothing more than an option here. Placed on this list because Cleveland will need a back-up for Gomes. One could easily switch Stewart with Francisco Cervelli or Austin Romine. Romine might eventually be the best of the bunch, he could be an option as well. Yet the current track record would indicate Cervelli or Stewart.

5. Eduardo Nunez has become the forgotten Yankee. He has dramatically shown defensive improvement this year. The offensive numbers have not been as good as in the past. Yet he does have a proven track record. He has played several position in the big leagues. He too is under team control for several years. Should be returning to the Yankees before the All Star break, off the DL list.

So I propose:

Ivan Nova, David Phelps, Gary Sanchez, Chris Stewart and Eduardo Nunez..


Asdrubal Cabrera and Carlos Santana

This would give the Indians two starters that would upgrade their current rotation. Future catcher that looks like a can't miss prospect. Very reliable back-up catcher to hold the fort down. Potential future infielder with tons of upside. Gives them lot of options to find him a position. All under team control. Not to mention around 16 million dollar future savings.

Yankees get an up grade to the left side of the infield. Who should become their future shortstop. A catcher that would improve both first and catching, offensively at the least. Would become the future catcher the Yankees need who has a very favorable contract.

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