How about this potential block buster trade?

Well that trade deadline is getting closer and closer. The New York Yankees are in the hunt for another division tittle and or playoff spot. They are the buzz around baseball this year.


The starting pitching has proven to be one of the best in baseball. That possess a nice balance of veteran leadership and youthful depth not seen in years. A starting lineup that has exceeded all expectations. Give Brian Cashman most of the credit for his finds in Vernon Wells, Lyle Overbay and Travis Hafner, this off season. Then the praise quickly turns to Joe Girardi, for getting the most out of this team. Quite an accomplishment for a so called lame duck manager, with that magical binder. Brian and Joe have to be the top candidates for executive of the year and manager of the year at this point.

With the return of Kevin Youkilis and Mark Teixeira this lineup just got harder and harder for a pitcher to navigate thru. Yet we still are missing our captain Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, both due back in mid to late July. Do not forget the hard luck storyline of 2013, Curtis Granderson and Francisco Cervelli are due back in mid to late June. The Yankees just keep getting better and hopefully healthier. Then throw-in an eye opening starting pitcher named Michael Pineda, who is set to return in late July or early August.

What trade would help out this ever improving team?

We can all speculate on starting pitching but truth is that a front line starter would be very expensive in dollars and prospects. Then the question becomes: Are they really that much of an improvement on the current and or future rotation? Sure a Cliff Lee would help, at a $25 million price tag now and moving forwards. James Shields is very intriguing. Looks like an extension candidate for the Royals. He is the top of the rotation starter that Kansas City has been longing for. Therefore, most likely unavailable. With three draft picks in the top 40 this year, the money bet is the Yankees will take at least two pitchers with these selections.

All winter long the clamor was for another outfielder. With Ichiro Suzuki, Brennan Boesch and Vernon Wells in the fold thru the 2014 season. That problem seems to be solved. If nothing else we have quite a platoon with these guys. With the emerging low minor outfield prospects of Mason Williams, Slade Heathcott and Tyler Austin to name a few. The outfield looks in very good shaped going into the future.

Truth is we are most likely in need of a starting catcher. We have gotten a lot of offense and defense out of the catchers used this year. The offensive track record says this will not continue. But so far so good. The Pinstripes need to shore up their catching needs. Is JR Murphy or Gary Sanchez the future catcher the Bronx Bombers need moving forward? They are two to four years away from being ready for the big leagues, at best.

Future needs stand out as something needed to be addressed. With an aging left side of the infield help is needed, at third base and shortstop. We must look to get better there. Can Eduardo Nunez or David Adams be in the left side of the defense for the future?

Here is a trade that makes a lot of sense moving forwards for both teams.

San Diego Padres seems to be mired in a catching controversy. With the return of Yasmani Grandal from his 50 game steroid suspension. Nick Hundley has been very outspoken on Grandal's behavior and steroid use. Hundley is healthy again and performing well. With Jedd Gyorko becoming better and better. The Padres must decide what to do with the future salary demands of Chase Headley. So far both sides are no where near an extension on Chase's contract.

Here is a proposed trade that would benefit both teams:

From Padres:

Yasmani Grandal

Chase Headley

From Yankees:

Gary Sanchez

Corban Joseph or David Adams

David Phelps or Ivan Nova

Adam Warren or Vidal Nuno

This would meet current and future needs of the Yankees and Padres:

This would give the Padres two emerging stating pitchers, strong candidate to become their regular second basemen and finally a future stud catcher. Do not forget these proposed players would be under Padre control for a long time.

As for the Yankees they solve their future and current catcher needs with a good young catcher. Who is a switch hitter that has proven he can hit and play good defense. Then throw-in their future switch hitting third basement. Who won a gold glove and was a top five candidate for MVP for 2012 in the National League. Even if Yankees had to sweeten the pot by adding a Chris Stewart, Austin Rominne, Mason Williams or Slade Heathcott this is a deal that makes a lot of sense for both teams. The Yankees would look very menacing this year and well into the future.

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