Gardner goes hard.

There isn't a day that goes by I don't tell people how good of an outfielder Brett Gardner is. Of course, all of the people that I tell this to just happen to be Red Sox fans. They usually laugh it off and then tell me how good Jacoby Ellsbury is (when in reality he's only hitting .257 with 1 HR).

Sure, Gardner isn't the type of hitter that's going to bat .330 and slug the ball around the ballpark but that's OK with me because of the way Gardner plays the game. As Joe Girardi would say about David Adams, Gardner's a baseball player.

Monday night at Citi Field, Gardner made two separate attempts to catch a ball lined hard into the gap. He hit the wall on both of those attempts. Actually, one wall and a chain linked fence.

In the 1st inning, on a ball shot of the bat of David Wright into the right-center field gap, Gardner gave it his all to run the ball down before he crashed into the fence in front of the Mets bullpen. Gardy missed the ball but got right back up, waving off any worried Yankees trainers, as if to say, "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine."

Then of course there was the famous homerun rob of Daniel Murphy just innings later. The hit to the wall wasn't as hard but even with padding it's not like landing comfortably on your bed at night.

So how could the hard nosed Gardner go any harder after a game like that? Simple, he could make another wall hitting catch just 24-hours later. Even better, he did it against Murphy for the 2nd straight night.

But of course I wouldn't just write a post about the last three times Brett Gardner ran into a wall. That's nonsense, he's does this stuff all the time. Earlier in the year against the Athletics, I believe, Gardner ran back into the center field wall at Yankee Stadium to make a huge catch. Of course, he stayed in the game like a champ.

Since he's been with the Yankees, Brett Gardner has been one of my favorite players on the team and in all of baseball. He's the kind of guy that will fight in at-bats, go after the tough balls without any fear, and he'll always give you 110% effort.

Because after all, Brett Gardner is a baseball player and that's what they do.

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