Injured Yankees returning: Who should go and who should stay?

There is only so much room. - Jim McIsaac

The first domino of returning injured Yankees falls today, as Joba Chamberlain is expected to be activated from the disabled list. To make room for him on the 25-man roster, someone will have to pack their bags. The smart money would be to say that David Huff's short time as a Yankee is about to run out after appearing in only one game for one inning against the Rays on Monday. If not Huff, then who would you give the heave from the bullpen, since it will likely be a pitcher being cast off upon Joba's return?

Finding room for Joba may be the easiest decision the Yankees have to make in the near future. Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis are expected to go on rehab assignments this week, and could rejoin the Yankees as early as this Friday. For a struggling offense, that sounds like extremely welcome news, but what can the team do with David Adams and Lyle Overbay, who have both filled in quite nicely for the injured starters? In limited time with the big league club, Adams has managed to have the best numbers with runners in scoring position on the team while Overbay continues to come up with big hits and production that rivals what the Yankees got to this point out of a healthy Teixeira in 2012.

Adams has options, of course, and can be sent back to Triple-A until Youkilis' back acts up again, but the Yankees don't have the luxury of stashing Overbay somewhere until further notice. If only he could catch, play shortstop, or play the outfield, this may not be so much of a problem. Does Overbay provide more value with a limited glove than Travis Hafner, who is physically incapable of playing a position, but has also come up with a number of important hits so far this season?

The Yankees have gotten by to this point on unexpected production from a number of unlikely sources. It has worked out to this point, but signs point to the fact that their luck in relying on players to over-perform their expectations may be running out. Deciding where they can most easily trim their roster without losing too much production will be key, but which players would you expect to keep up their unlikely seasons the longest? Is it worth keeping them around on a maybe? If you are the Yankees trying to make room for returning players this week, who are you sending on their way, and why?

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