Yankees draft news: Baseball America new mock draft, international draft and schedule

Mike Stobe

Draft Schedule: The first and second rounds of the 2013 draft will start at 7 pm on MLB Network and coverage will continue through the first 73 picks. The draft will pick back up on June 7 at 1 pm on MLB.com for rounds three through 10 and rounds 11-40 will take place on June 8, beginning at 1 pm. Each team will have designated representatives that will announce their team's pick after the first round. This year the Yankees will be represented by Willie Randolph and scout Andy Cannizaro. It's nice to see Randolph back in the organization in some capacity.

Should the entire MLB draft be televised? Would you watch it?

Mock Draft: Jim Callis of Baseball America has done a second mock draft and this time he has the Yankees pick pitcher Rob Kaminsky, instead of Eric Jagielo, with their first pick. He also has them drafting the 'risky' Sean Manaea and Jon Denney. Kamisnky and Denney look like solid picks, but it's Manaea that has me worried.
The lefty seems to be the perfect candidate for a Yankees draft bust: He's left-handed, throws in the mid-to-upper 90s, is represented by Scott Boras, and has been bothered by injury that might allow him to fall to the bottom of the first round. He was recently scratched from a start after possibly tweaking the hip that has bothered him all spring or, as some sources say, shoulder tightness. Please, Yankees, don't turn this guy into another Andrew Brackman; If he's hurt just let him go. Brackman needed Tommy John surgery, but shoulder injuries are more series and tightness could lead to something worse in the future. The Yankees have also already lost their 2012 top draft pick Ty Hensley to hip surgery.

Should the Yankees draft the best player available or the less risky player available?

International Draft: Ben Badler of Baseball America argues that teams like the Yankees can take advantage of the CBA and international free agent market by spending big this year if an international draft is put into place for 2014. The Yankees would be at the end of the first round and unlikely to get the best players available, so he argues that they should spend over their draft pool to get the best players available now and worry about the penalties (loss of draft picks) later. It would essentially ensure that they get the best available talent in the last year it would be capable to spend so much. The Yankees could also make up for lost draft picks by trading for them if MLB allows teams to do so in the international draft.
The problem with this plan is that no one seems to know if there will be a draft or not and MLB is not telling anyone one way or the other. While going over a team's draft pool can be a worthy investment, I highly doubt any MLB draft will allow teams to trade draft picks, or at the very least, trade limitations as a penalty. It's hard to cheat the system when you don't know how the system is going to be set up.

Are you for or against an international draft?

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