Yankees Weekly Report Card: 5/12/13 - 5/18/13

Don't worry, Vern, you did fine. - Al Bello

The Yankees get grades for their performance for the week. Come back every Sunday to see how well everyone did and what they need to do for next week.

The Yankees went 5-3 this week.


David Adams - B+
.286/.333/.429, 3 K, RBI
Notes: Adams made his major league debut this week and has been impressive offensively and defensively so far in his short career. He finally went hitless for the first time in his fourth game, but he needs to be consistent from here on out if he wants to keep his job or even a roster spot when Kevin Youkilis eventually returns.

Robinson Cano - B+
.250/.273/.563, 7 K, 3 HR, 10 RBI
Notes: Cano has been carrying this team for most of the season, but he went hitless in a few games this week. Thankfully, he still remained productive by collecting 10 RBI and hitting three home runs (two of which came in the same game!) in order to help the team. He needs to carry the team a little longer before he decides to fall into a slump, but so far he's doing exactly what the Yankees have needed.

Brennan Boesch - Incomplete
Notes: Boesch never really got a chance to play while with the team, but he did get some opportune hits. He was sent down to make room for Curtis Granderson, so there is a chance he could make a return.

Ben Francisco - F
.111/.111/.111, 2 K
Notes: Francisco brought another nondescript week to the Yankees again. He only managed one hit in nine at-bats, even though he batted fifth against a lefty. It's clear that he won't play too often, but he's still going to get some playing time for some reason; he needs to figure out some way to be productive the few times he does play.

Brett Gardner - B+
.267/.333/.367, 9 K, 2 RBI, 4 SB
Notes: Brett Gardner has been frustrating this season. He has the game-changing abilities, but he either doesn't use them or struggles to use them correctly. He's patient at the plate, yet he's struck out a lot, he's super fast and yet he sometimes doesn't run. This week he struck out a lot and put together some bad at-bats in key situations, but he also ran a lot. He needs to turn a corner and I think he's nearly there.

Alberto Gonzalez - C
.333/.333/.333, K
Notes: Gonzalez didn't contribute much, but at least he was not unproductive in the small amount of time he was with the team. He even pitched 0.1 innings and was going to be the emergency backup catcher before he was designated for assignment to make room for Reid Brignac.

Curtis Granderson - B-
.267/.313/.267, 3 K, SB
Notes: Grandy hasn't played much, especially since Joe Girardi thinks he already needs days off after coming off the disabled list. He has collected a few hits, but he hasn't contributed a whole lot just yet. Grandy needs to find his rhythm and make it hard for Girardi to rest him.

Travis Hafner - C-
.182/.250/.545, 3 K, HR, 2 RBI
Notes: Hafner has been on the bench resting a sore shoulder for most of the week. Before he sat he was beginning to slip into a slump, which may have been a product of injury, but he did homer in his first game back. He needs to keep doing what he was doing before the sore shoulder and get back on track because the team needs him.

Corban Joseph - Incomplete
.167/.286/.333, K
Notes: CoJo did an admirable job playing first base and second base during the doubleheader against the Indians. He collected his first hit and played a very solid first base, but, as the 26th man, had to be sent back down by the end of the day. If he continues to play well he should get another chance soon.

Chris Nelson - D
.273/.273/.273, 4 K
Notes: Nelson started his Yankees career off on the wrong foot, then he picked it up, then he was designated for assignment and picked up by the Angels. Nelson will probably be forgotten in a few months and his existence on the team will be an obscure trivia answer.

Jayson Nix - D-
.143/.259/.143, 11 K, 3 RBI, SB
Notes: Nix has been really bad for the past week, only managing three hits in 21 at-bats, but he has been able to do a few productive things. He struck out at a ridiculous rate, but this might be because he's been run into the ground. Nix is not a starter, yet he's played in all eight games this week. He needs to go back to being a decent backup.

Lyle Overbay - C
.240/.286/.360, 4 K, 4 RBI
Notes: Overbay has really fallen off since last week and you have to wonder if he's going to continue to fall. He could also be wearing down since the Yankees don't have a backup first baseman. He's been incredible for most of the season and this week he seems to be doing what everyone expected he would do, but will it get worse?

Austin Romine - C
.250/.250/.375, 6 K, 2 RBI
Notes: Romine may have finally found his stroke since taking over the starting catching job, or it could just be an incredibly small sample size. Still, he's shown promise and only more playing time will show if he can be more than Chris Stewart.

Chris Stewart - A+
.417/.462/.667, 2 K, HR, RBI
Notes: Stewart only played in four games, but he did put together a nice little run before he went down with a groin injury. He's probably going to be out at least a few more days and will hopefully avoid the disabled list, but he needs to continue bring his expert pitch framing skills and contribute the little offense he has to give.

Ichiro Suzuki - F
.087/.087/.087, 5 K
Notes: Ichiro has been terrible for a long time. He had a great two weeks and went right back to where he was at during the first month of the season. There has been much talk about who should sit now that Curtis Granderson is back, but if you're paying attention you know who it should be. He needs to prove he can still do something with the bat, otherwise he's going to turn into a late inning defensive replacement. Not that the Yankees will ever let that happen.

Vernon Wells - A+
.308/.400/.538, 5 K, 2 HR, 5 RBI
Notes: Vernon Wells just keeps chugging along as he continues his revival. He has been the second best hitter in this lineup. He needs to hit for more power as six of his eight hits were singles.


Preston Claiborne - A
0.00 ERA, 4 K, 0.92 WHIP
Notes: Claiborne has surprise everyone with a very good start to his MLB career. This week he has continued his scoreless streak and has kept people off base by allowing only four hits. He will eventually give up a run and will probably have some bad outings, but so far he's looked good.

Phil Hughes - F
94.50 ERA, 2 BB, 12.00 WHIP
Notes: This week Phil Hughes pitched what will probably end up being the worst start by any Yankee this season. He gave up seven runs on six hits and two walks in only 0.2 innings, completely coming undone from what was looking like a solid little stretch. We know he's going to be inconsistent, but he has to figure out how to limit the damage.

Shawn Kelley - B
3.38 ERA, 6 K, 0.75 WHIP
Notes: Kelley didn't strike out a billion people this week, but he's still been able to get them when he needs them. If he can continue to get batters out on his slider he can be a real surprising asset on the bullpen.

Hiroki Kuroda - A+
1.15 ERA, 6 K, 2 BB, 0.64 WHIP
Notes: Kuroda was good in his first start this week, giving up only two runs on seven hits in 7.2 innings, and amazing in his second, giving up no runs on only two hits in eight innings. Kuroda has been the Yankees' best pitcher this season and they need him to continue to dominate since the other starters have all been question marks at some point or another.

Boone Logan - A+
0.00 ERA, 4 K, 0.00 WHIP
Notes: Logan put together a nice week with a perfect 2.2 innings. It isn't much, but his lack of consistency has hurt the team big at times. He has been used pretty much every day this season and that might catch up to him, but for now he needs to stay consistent.

Brett Marshall - D-
7.94 ERA, K, 5 BB, 2.47 WHIP
Notes: Marshall got the unfortunate job of having to take one for the team and clean up Phil Hughes' mess. The unfortunate thing was that he ended up being pretty bad himself. In his major league debut Marshall gave up nine hits, five walks and two home runs. He was struggling when he was called up so he needs to work out his problems there before he gets another shot at the MLB level.

Vidal Nuno - A
0.00 ERA, 3 K, 3 BB 1.20 WHIP
Notes: Nuno did an admirable job starting one of the doubleheader games. He gave the Yankees five solid innings, but was unfortunately sent down for another long reliever. He has now been brought back up to replace an injured Andy Pettitte, so he needs to keep doing what he was doing in the minors if he wants to keep a rotation spot.

Andy Pettitte - Incomplete
3.86 ERA, 5 K, 3 BB, 1.50 WHIP
Notes: Pettitte was having a decent outing when his back locked up on him in the middle of the fifth inning. At this point in his career he's an old man (and the oldest starter in MLB) who is going to deal with aches and pains, but he needs to stay healthy if he wants to help this team.

David Phelps - A+
1.32 ERA, 15 K, 8 BB, 1.32 WHIP
Notes: Phelps had two very good starts this week, giving up only two runs in 13.2 innings. He struggled with command issues at times, but his strikeouts have more than made up for his tendency to let on base runners. He's either going to run out of luck with that or make a career out of it, but he still needs to cut down on the walks since he can command the strike zone so well.

David Robertson - B-
3.85 ERA, 2 K, BB, 1.29 WHIP
Notes: D-Rob was not as shutdown as he usually is and needs to be. He gave up a solo home run in a blow out game, but he's looked shaky in big situations too. He needs to go back to racking up strikeouts.

Mariano Rivera - A+
0.00 ERA, K, 0.50 WHIP, 2 SV
Notes: Mo has been Mo, of course. He only allowed one baserunner on one hit in two innings and converted both of his save opportunities. There's nothing he needs to do differently, just keep it up.

CC Sabathia - B+
2.84 ERA, 10 K, 2 BB, 1.89 WHIP
Notes: Sabathia had a good outing this week, striking out 10 batters, but he also allowed 10 hits and two walks, which shouldn't happen. Thankfully, he only allowed two runs, but outings like that will eventually catch up to him when something unlucky happens.

Adam Warren - A
0.00 ERA, 4 K, 0.60 WHIP, SV
Notes: Adam Warren had a good week, allowing only three hits and no runs in five innings. He closed out the doubleheader game that Nuno started, earning the rare four-inning save. Warren looked like he wouldn't be much of a factor on the team, but in a short amount of time he has started to show signs of progress as a jack-of-all-trades type of guy. If he's consistent he could go far.

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