MLB owners meeting: A community discussion

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The 2013 owners meeting took place this week and many issues were discussed, such as replay expansion, an international draft and baseball overseas. Nothing has been decided, but discussions are ongoing.

This is your change to have your say and voice your opinion.

Instant Replay: Joe Torre is hopeful that replay can be expanded for the 2013 season and everything is fair game, other than balls and strikes. Home run replay was initially introduced in 2008 (this is the sixth season of instant replay!) and Bud Selig had originally wanted to include trapped balls and fair or foul calls to the list, but ended up holding off. Now it looks like we are on the verge of expanding replay, and when Joe Torre and Bud Selig are calling for more replay, you know it's going to happen. What they still need to determine is what should be reviewable and how they will implement such things on the field.

What do you think, Pinstriped Bible?: What should be reviewable? Should umpires have headsets? Should there be an extra umpire? Should there be a central location that determines the right call? Should managers have the ability to challenge calls?

International Draft: There has been a lot of discussion about implementing an international draft. Owners want one so it will lower the cost of international free agents from South America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. They already implemented spending limitations to ball clubs in order to cut the cost of such players. The argument against such a draft is that it could kill baseball in these countries as players shy away from the sport that no longer gives out tons of guaranteed money.

What do you think, Pinstriped Bible?: Do you think there should be a draft? Should the draft be separate from the amateur draft or condensed into one? Would such a draft be harmful or helpful to baseball in these countries?

Overseas Baseball: MLB is still hopeful for a 2014 series in Asia or Australia. They have been discussing opening up the season with a series in Taiwan, Korea or Japan, like they did last season when the Mariners and the Athletics played in Japan. The hope is to one day open somewhere in Europe as well. As we saw in the World Baseball Classic, baseball is becoming an international sport and a series overseas is a great way to market the sport and MLB's brand.

What do you think, Pinstriped Bible?: Are you in favor of more international games? Where would you like baseball to see baseball be played? Where do you think it would be most successful? What teams would succeed the most?

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