Bald Vinny discusses Opening Day

Ichiro waves to Bald Vinny and the "Bleacher Creatures." - Christopher Pasatieri

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By Bald Vinny

It's really hard to top the excitement of Opening Day. The buzz on River Ave lasts from early in the morning, until well in to the evening. For me, it was almost a 13-hour day, so I can certainly appreciate the following day off (especially since we haven't seen "baseball weather" yet!). And even with the Yankee loss, it was an incredibly fun day. Seeing so many old friends after such a long winter is really the best. Getting back to work felt great, and I was really inspired by the positive comments I've been getting about our new shirts for this season.

The first Roll Call went off without a hitch. I think the new guys enjoyed finally being on the receiving end (you can practically see Vernon Wells in the video soaking in the serenade before tipping his cap). There was also a bit of chatter about why we chose to go with "Kevin" instead of something "Youk" related for Youkilis, and the reasoning behind it is fairly simple. Kevin is inherently easier to chant than Youkilis.

That's it.

There was no secret meaning behind it. Nothing was done just for the sake of being "different". I think Kevin might have been thrown off a bit by it, maybe himself expecting something Youk related (though, also important to point out, that he was in the middle of a play when his turn came up) but for the sake of clarity and volume, it was easier to go with Kevin (so get used to it!)

Yesterday was a great recovery day. I got some desperately needed rest for my voice, re-packed my van full of shirts, and got to spend some quality time with the kids. Tonight, it's back on the grind for the second game against the Sox. While tonight won't have the buzz of opening day, it is *still* the Red Sox so I expect a pretty full and lively crowd. If you are going to be joining us in the Bronx tonight, remember to dress warm (and, don't forget, the best way to keep yourself warm at the game is to MAKE NOISE!).

See ya on the Ave.

For more, click here for Vinny's Opening Day Eve article.

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