Predictions: Yankees 2013 April

Its Almost time. Opening Day is around the corner! The time of the year when fan bases from 30 different cities believe it might be their year. You got the Favorites and the Cinderellas. The Old veteran teams and the Young and hungry. All fighting for a chance to become part of baseball history. Milestones will be passed and records broken. No- Hitters and walk-offs. Lets all give the 2013 season a nice warm welcome.

2013 also brings a lot of questions and worries for the Yankees and their faithful fans. How will this team do? Can they survive with all the power they have lost? Will there be an October?

Well lets examine the Yankees first month and see how they will fare.

April 1, 3-4 - Boston Red Sox (Home)

The Yankees will open the season against the Red Sox. A series that up to recent memory always had Divisional importance. With the Red Soxs no longer one of the top dogs in the AL East and the Yankees hurting with injuries the series will not have the same luster as in the past.

Even with all the Yankee injuries, The Bronx Bombers will take 2 out of 3 and start the season off on the right foot.

April 5-7 - Detroit Tigers (Away)

The rematch from last years ALCS will not go to well for the Yankees. Even with the Captain coming back during this series, The Yankees will drop 2 out of 3 and be 3-3 in the young season.

April 8-11 - Cleveland Indians (Away)

The Yankees go and visit a couple old friends from the 8th-11th as they visit Nick Swisher and the Indians. The Yankees will be happy visitors as they will take 3 out of 4 as the Yankee pitching staff will be too much for the Indians to handle. The Yanks leave Cleveland 6-4.

April 12-14 - Baltimore Orioles (Home)

The Yanks open their second series at home against another AL East foe as the Orioles come to town. With CC and Kuroda pitching 2 out of the 3 games the Yanks will take 2 and be 8-5.

April 16-18 - Arizona Diamondbacks (Home)

The first Inter league games for the Yankees will take place from the 16th - 18th as the D'Backs come in to play 3 at the stadium. The Yanks will have their first sweep of the season as they will pull out the brooms and send Arizona packing. Yanks end series 11-5 on the season.

April 19-21 - Toronto Blue Jays (Away)

They Yanks will head north of the border to take on the Blue Jays in their first match-up against the revamped Jays. It wont be a pleasant trip as the Yankees will lose 2 out of 3 and leave Canada 12-7 on the season.

April 22-24 - Tampa Bay Rays (Away)

From one AL East Rival to another, The Yanks will head to Tampa to take on the Rays in what promises to be a low scoring series. They Yanks will head home taking 2 out of 3 and 14-8 on the season.

April 25-28 - Toronto Blue Jays (Home)

The Yanks welcome the Blue Jays in for their first series at the stadium. They Yanks will be more in sync as a team and split the series and will be 16-10 on the season.

April 29-May 1 - Houston Astros (Home)

The Yankees will end the Month of April welcoming the newest member of the AL, The Huston Astros. It will be a rude welcome as the Yanks will sweep the Astros and end the month 19-10.

April Record: 19-10

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