GIFs of the Game 2/26/13: New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies

The modern-day Ty Cobb, minus the racism... maybe. - USA TODAY Sports

The best, worst, and most bizarre moments of this afternoon's game. Warning: May contain flying helmets.

The New York Yankees lost today's Spring Training game to the Philadelphia Phillies, 4-3. For further details on the game itself, check out Tanya's recap--in this post, I will just be covering the best GIFs from the game.

Yankee Highlight of the Game

Ichiro Suzuki easily had the best day of any Yankee, notching a hit in each of his three at-bats while adding in a stolen base off the battery Kyle Kendrick and Steven Lerud. He first grounded a ball slowly up the middle that shortstop Jimmy Rollins got a glove but far too late to catch Ichiro at first base. He stole his base after that and came around to score the game's first run on Mark Teixeira's double down the right field line. In Ichiro's next two appearances, he lined clean singles to left and center, respectively, to close his day at 3-for-3. An honorable mention goes to catching prospect JR Murphy, whose two-run homer in the seventh off Zach Miner gave the Yanks a short-lived 3-1 lead.

Yankee Lowlight of the Game

The aforementioned 3-1 lead was so short-lived because 22-year-old High-A Tampa pitcher Zach Nuding was clobbered by the Phillies' bats. First, Domonic Brown hit one of the longest homers I've ever seen to center field over the batter's eye to make it a one-run game, and after a Cody Asche double, 21-year-old catching prospect Tommy Joseph crushed an impressive blast of his own. Joseph's clout nearly hit the top of the Tiki Bar on the left-field concourse, and it gave the Phillies a 4-3 lead that held up. It was not a great day for Nuding, but in his defense, all three of those hitters finished last year at a higher level than him. Don't bury your face in your jersey too much, Zach.

Random GIF of the Game

While Ichiro went 3-for-3 in one way, shortstop Eduardo Nunez went 3-for-3 in his own style. The fleet-of-foot Nunez must not have his helmet on his head too tight, as it flew off in each of his three at-bats. When tweeted about it after the game, Noonz had this to say:

Helpful. Oh Noonz. You so crazy. Hell, if he was just a hair faster, he would have been 3-for-3 in the category that counts. Alas.

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