New York Yankees News & Notes: 2/23/13

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Rehab for A-Rod: Alex Rodriguez has issued a statement concerning his ongoing rehab:

Jump to Conclusions: NoMaas makes fun of Wallace Matthews for jumping to conclusions about the Yankee budget mandate being revoked. Hal Steinbrenner clearly wants to retain Robinson Cano, but that doesn't mean that the team will suddenly start spending money at this point.

Interview with Ty Hensley: The Greedy Pinstripes have an interview with the Yankees 2012 #1 pick. They discuss his decision to pick baseball over football, his favorite movies, tv shows and video games, his favorite songs, and his love for Chipotle. Seriously. He actually did talk about his Be Edmund Project, a counseling programmed aimed at giving help to kids without them having to be embarrassed to ask.

The Value of Gardner: With the Yankees budgetary restrictions now in place, Brett Gardner has become even more valuable. Moving Gardner to center might decrease the team's runs allowed, which is important, since they're projected to score less runs. Though there is nothing determined about the batting order as of yet, his placement could also upgrade the offense. How is Gardner most valuable to the team?

Facial Hair: After claiming he would never play for the Yankees because they don't allow you to grow out your facial har, David Price upset a whole lot of people. Or something. Price has now issued a statement apologizing for his comments and admitting his love for the organization.

Yogi Believes in Nunez: Yogi Berra believes that Eduardo Nunez needs more playing time so he can prove what he can do. Nunez reminds Berra of himself, having no definitive position, yet owning a potentially live bat. An anonymous scout that followed the team last year was impressed by Nunez's energetic style of play and his poise in the playoffs. He believes they need to stick him at one position and work with him extensively so he can work out any growing pains. Do you believe in Nunez?

Tex vs. Fastballs: NoMaas looks into Mark Teixeira's poor offensive season where he put up the lowest batting runs above average since his rookie season. It seems that Tex added very little value against four-seam fastballs and was far below his career average. He's likely to see a lot of those pitches during the year so if he wants to have a successful season he's going to beed to figure out how to be better against them.

If Baseball Doesn't Work Out: Apparently Mason Williams and Dante Bichette Jr are not just Yankee prospects, they're also the R&B/rap duo known as Navy 58. Here is their song "Whole Team." This is a thing.

Yankee Stadium Concert: Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake will be performing at the Stadium on July 19th, during the All-Star Break.

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