Derek Jeter Talks to the Media

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankee Captain talks about his recovery, his expectations, and his teammates

Derek Jeter addressed the media today in his first official day at camp. He discussed his ankle, the offseason, Kevin Youkilis, Alex Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera, the 2012 ALCS, and the possibility of re-injury.

On Starting Opening Day: Derek Jeter stated that he will continue to work hard, but Opening Day is still the goal. He will be sitting out of the first few Spring Training games in order to rest his ankle a little longer.

On the Risk of Re-injury: He stated that he's not concerned about re-injury the ankle and revealed that he now has metal screws and plates holding the bone together. He even joked about how his foot isn't going to fall off.

On His Offseason: Jeter stated that he had a terrible offseason because he had to sit around and heal for so long. Apparently he had to get around with a scooter for awhile. He reflected on the pain of rehab and the difficulties that went with it, stating "I don't want to make it sound more dramatic than it is, but you have to learn to walk again." He stated that getting older makes injury more of a concern, but he feels like he has nothing to prove.

On the 2012 ALCS: He said that he had a bone bruise before he broke the ankle and acknowledged that he probably shouldn't have been playing on it. However, he believes that if it didn't break when it did that it would have probably broken eventually at some other time. In true gritty Captain fashion he said he would have done the same thing again.

On Mo: He may have let the cat out of the bag in regards to Mo, stating that if the Yankee closer had made it back to pitch in the playoffs he probably would have retired after the season.

On Youk: "He plays hard. He plays to win. He's got a lot of intensity." Jeter also stated that Youk doesn't have to try to replace A-Rod.

On A-Rod: He said it was weird to not have Alex Rodriguez in camp, but he will continue to stay silent on his teammate's PED allegations until A-Rod has a chance to discuss it with the media himself.

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