New York Yankees News & Notes: 2/13/13

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

It's an Idea:

With Robinson Cano's future in a Yankee uniform uncertain beyond this season, could the team look to trade him at the deadline if they appear to be out of the race? The addition of the second Wild Card makes virtual elimination by July, especially for a team like the Yankees, exceedingly unlikely. Trading Cano would also represent getting rid of their best player for a return package only worthy of a rental, since no team is going to trade for him with the total confidence they won't be out-bid in the offseason. Trading Cano is certainly an idea, but probably not a very logical one.

More on Tyler Austin Being Awesome:

From beating cancer at 17-years-old to becoming one of the Yankees' most promising prospects, Tyler Austin is incredibly impressive. He's done nothing but hit since being drafted by the Yankees, and seeing what he has managed to accomplish off the field just makes what he has done on the field seem a little more special. It's really exciting that we'll get to see some of that promise in Spring Training.

Speaking of Prospects:

It's nice to dream on a future of Tyler Austin, Mason Williams, Gary Sanchez, and all the rest, but being a prospect does not guarantee anything, especially not major league success. Eric Duncan was a first-round draft pick that spent his career trying to realize his dream of being a major leaguer. Prospects don't pan out much more often than they do as a simple reality. Some make it to the majors briefly, others will never make it at all, regardless of their ceiling and tools. It's easy to get carried away with hopes and wishes for all the promise that those young kids have, but more often than not, those hopes and wishes lead to disappointment.

Money for Grandy:

Curtis Granderson would like to sign an extension with the Yankees before he reaches free agency next offseason, but it won't be cheap. Looking at the deals his fellow outfielders recently got, Grandy is in for quite a payday. Some team will handsomely reward him for the impressive power he's shown the past couple seasons, but with the budget concerns and a better center fielder already existing on the team, it probably shouldn't be the Yankees.

Five Questions:

It's About the Money looks at five important questions surrounding the Yankees in 2013. How will they handle the catching disaster situation? Will Rivera be Rivera again? What will happen with A-Rod? Are the Bronx Bombers now a small ball team? Will this finally be the year where their age catches up to them? Guess we'll see.

The Great StubHub vs. Ticketmaster Saga Continues:

The Yankees have announced a ticket exchange program through Ticketmaster that will allow fans to buy and sell already purchased tickets, much like is done with competitor StubHub. StubHub, refusing to bow out without a fight, plans to open a ticket office directly across from Yankee Stadium where tickets can be picked up. Well, ok. Our own William Juliano wrote about the ticket company feud yesterday. Check it out for more information if you missed it.

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