Ballpark Blueprints: Yankee Stadium

Ballpark Blueprints

Yankee Stadium: blueprint style.

The newest version of Yankee Stadium hasn't always received glowing reviews, but the place is an impressive structure with a lot of cool elements. Marvin Larson and Thomas Young have created a business of taking photographs of stadiums and turning them into blueprint-style posters. Their quest originally began 12 years ago when searching for a blueprint of Fenway Park, but they have since expanded beyond Fenway to Wrigley Field, Busch Stadium, and Yankee Stadium with more on the way in the near future.

Here's what Mr. Larson had to say about their work:

Just this year we have totally revamped our product line and our development and printing process. We take our own photographs of the park and convert them through a process we've developed into these blueprint-style line drawings. This conversion is incredibly time consuming, but the results are fairly realistic blueprint style drawings that look great on these posters.

The goal is to release at least two more parks per month, eventually expanding into NCAA Football, NFL Football, and other sports, but our first love is baseball. We hope to have all 30 parks out in the next year or two, as well as a couple of National League and American League prints featuring the design of all ballparks in the league.

Mr. Larson was kind enough to send me a few of the Yankee Stadium posters, as seen above, and I can vouch for how impressive and well-done they are. The poster is 18" x 24" and could be a cool gift that is different from regular old Yankee Stadium posters. The posters can be purchased on the Ballpark Blueprints website, if you are interested. None of us at Pinstripe Alley are getting anything out of this, I just thought it would be something good to pass along to you guys if you were looking for an interesting gift this holiday season.

Here is a bigger, embedded version of the poster:

I'm giving away one of the Yankee Stadium posters in a simple trivia contest. The contest will run today through Wednesday night at 11:59 pm EST and then we'll figure out our winner for me to send the poster to. You have to be willing to share your mailing address in the event that you win. I can't keep you from cheating but please be fair to others and don't go searching the internet for answers. Unfortunately, I can only mail to addresses within the United States. Now that that is out of the way, onto the contest.

Leave your answer to these two questions in the comments below. Price is Right rules apply (closest without going over).

What is the total number of multi-year deals, including extensions, the Yankees have handed out since free agency began?

Tiebreaker: What is the lowest number of games played by a position player after signing a multi-year contract with the Yankees?

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