Let's make a deal?

When you look at the current needs of the Yankees it is obvious that they have holes to fill. With the signing of Hiroki Kuroda, Kelly Johnson and Carlos Beltran. These three fill the back-up role at third and second, #2 starter and another middle of the order bat. With those signings it allows the Bronx Bombers to be in a better position to make a significant trade to fill a hole or two. They still need a #3 or #4 pitcher, starting second baseman, 8th inning guy or closer, a top southpaw out of the bullpen and potentially a third basement.

We are seeing rumors that the Dodgers are shopping an outfielder and of course Matt Kemp would be the top prize. Joc Pederson seem ready to make the big league roster as at least their fourth outfielder. But the Dodgers seem to be one of the top destinations for David Price to end up. I see a case where Andre Ethier would be included in that trade and a lot of his salary bought out by the Dodgers. The only possible candidate I see here is Kemp. Would love to see him in left field for a long time. Just do not see this as a priority at this point.

Cleveland Indians have Asdrubal Cabrera. He becomes very expendable when the Indians have 6 middle infielders in their top 20 prospects. His bat would play well in New York. Truthfully, he will be a free agent next year. With Derek Jeter and Brendan Ryan manning short, he would be a luxury. I would love to see him play a couple years with Jeter. Should improve his fielding, just to see how Derek prepares and plays the game. No doubt that ability to switch hit would bring huge dividends in the Bronx. He makes sense from the stand point that he could possible play second, third (of course depending on Alex Rodriguez decision) and short until Jeter retires. Just seems to make more sense to wait till Asdrubal is a free agent in 2015.

Seattle Mariners could be a trade partner but nothing will happen till someone one lands David Price. That seems to be their top choice to secure in a trade. Every possible trade candidate they posses will be available in a trade for Price. This possible trade will not be done till January or later. That in itself becomes the obstacle. No doubt they have the talent to get the job done with Tampa Bay. I cannot see the Yankees waiting around for something that might happen.

Cincinnati Reds are an intriguing option. For whatever reason Brandon Phillips seems unwanted in Cincinnati. Walt Jocketty reported that he felt early conversations about Brandon Phillips were a ploy and went nowhere because of the Robinson Cano situation. That has changed. Sweeny Murti has a different take about a possible trade with the Reds. He feels that Homer Bailey should be a target of the Yankees. Homer is in his last year of arbitration. He current makes right at 6 million and is projected to make around 9 million this coming year. With Phillps schedule to make $50 million the next 4 years, and a AAV around 10 million based upon his current contract. This allows the Reds to shed up to 21 million for the 2014 season. The Reds are going to loose Shin-Soo Choo and Bronson Arroyo to free agency. They have the speed demon Billy Hamilton to play second, his natural position or center field, if needed. They have a couple starting pitchers knocking on the door to possible replace any losses in the rotation, righty Daniel Corcino and recently acquired lefty David Holmberg. This allows them to look at potential trade partners. Of course by reducing the payroll by 21 million they could then pursue a free agent to fill any potential need.

The Yankees and the Reds seems to have some of the missing parts each other would need for the 2014 season. Yankees need a second baseman and Reds want to get rid of theirs and his remaining contract. The Reds were a poor defensive team in the outfield last year. We have one of the best fielding center fielders in baseball, that is a proven lead-off hitter. Who will make around 4 to 6 million this year thru arbitration. The Reds have decided that they need more offensive behind the plate and signed switch hitting free agent Brayan Pena to a two year deal and traded away their previous starter. Yet they do not have any catching prospect in their top 20 prospects. They are remarkable thin in the minor leagues at catcher.

There seems to be a very strong potential deal.

New York Yankees would trade.

Brett Gardner

David Phelps / Adam Warren

Vidal Nuno / David Huff

Austin Romine / J.R. Murphy


Cincinnati Reds players.

Brandon Phillips

Homer Bailey

Yankees get a gold glove second basement, with an above average bat and a potential #2 or #3 starter. Cincy would get an upgrade defensively in the outfield and a speedy lead off hitter to replace Choo. Plus be able to add two speed demons to their everyday lineup. Get two more candidates for the rotation or their bullpen. All familiar in pitching in a homer driven stadium. Then to finalize the deal throw in a potential everyday catcher, who has major league experience, Who might make the roster or at least provide much needed catching depth. If needed, the Bronx Bombers could add one of their top pitching prospects if need. Then remove any or all of the four pitchers mention above. By adding someone like a Nik Turley or Jose Campos.

This seems like a win win senerio for both clubs.

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