To Spend or Not to Spend, That is the Question



The Yankees stand at a crossroads - whether to continue cutting costs this winter and stay under $189M, or go for broke and try to win it all. It's a question that will affect the entire market during - and after - the winter meetings.

To begin such a discussion, we ought to take a look at what this team looks like with the current roster (40-man):

C Brian McCann ($17M)

1B Mark Teixeira ($22.5M)

2B Kelly Johnson ($3M)

SS Derek Jeter ($12M)

3B Alex Rodriguez* ($25M + ~6M)

LF Brett Gardner (projected $4M)

CF Jacoby Ellsbury ($21.85M)

RF Carlos Beltran ($15M)

LF Alfonso Soriano ($18M) OF Ichiro Suzuki ($6.5M)

C Francisco Cervelli, Austin Romine, JR Murphy, Gary Sanchez (AA) (roughly $2M)

IF Eduardo Nunez, Brendan Ryan ($2.75M)

OF Vernon Wells, Zoilo Almonte, Slade Heathcott (AAA), Ramon Flores (AAA) (virtually zip)

SP CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, Hiroki Kuroda, David Phelps, Michael Pineda, Adam Warren, Vidal Nuno, Jose Campos (A), Nik Turley (AAA) (circa $44M)

CL David Robertson (projected $5M)

RP Shawn Kelley, Preston Claiborne, Cesar Cabral, Dellin Betances, David Huff, Brett Marshall, Manny Banuelos (AAA) (circa $4M)

NOTE: all arbitration projections from MLB Trade Rumors

This combination of 37 players (not strictly accurate, but close enough) should give us an estimation of what the Yankees have already booked - roughly $208.6M - already over their $189M budget. But, if A-Rod is suspended for all or most of next season, $25M - plus the $6M he'd receive from passing Willy Mays on the HR list - will come off the books, lowering the payroll to $177.6M.

Add $11M in fees and...

$188.6M. Under the limit. Just barely. And there's still 3 more spots not calculated in.

Will it work? Will the team actually commit - or will the team import Tanaka or Matt Garza, or will they instead dump payroll by trading Ichiro Suzuki (I approve) or Brett Gardner (I don't approve). Swapping a few prospects for a starter or an infielder is still doable. And, if A-Rod's suspended is overturned, do they instead go all-in on Stephen Drew and other top free agents left - assuming some are still available, of course)


And here is where I turn the question over to the community - what would you do?

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