First round results for the Pinstripe Alley Top Moments Tournament

Al Bello

Each of the four brackets' first round matchups are complete! Which moments moved on to the second round as the top 16 moments in Yankees history?

Over the past month, we've revisited 32 fantastic Yankees moments for the Top Moments Tournament, but only 16 can move on to the next round. Here are the first round results and the eight second round matchups:


(1) Gehrig's "Luckiest Man" speech: 94%
(8) Henrich's strikeout-turned win in the '41 World Series: 6%

(2) Larsen's perfecto: 94%
(7) Gehrig's four-homer game: 6%

(3) Ruth's "Called Shot": 69%
(6) Martin's walk-off single in '53 clinches record fifth title in a row: 31%

(4) DiMaggio's hit streak reaches 56: 76%
(5) Ruth hits his 60th homer: 24%


(1) Maris hits his 61st homer: 85%
(8) Mantle homer ends '64 World Series Game 3: 15%

(2) Chambliss blast ends ALCS: 61%
(7) Yanks and Murcer win one for Munson: 39%

(3) Bucky F'in Dent: 92%
(6) Line out ends '62 World Series Game 7: 8%

(4) Reggie homers thrice in '77 World Series Game 6: 75%
(5) Guidry fans 18 Angels: 25%


(1) Cone's perfecto: 75%
(8) Abbott's one-handed no-hitter: 25%

(2) Wells's perfecto: 61%
(7) Mattingly's first playoff homer: 39%

(3) Leyritz homer ties '96 World Series Game 4: 75%
(6) The Jeffrey Maier homer: 25%

(4) Tino's '98 World Series slam: 64%
(5) Righetti's July 4th no-hitter: 36%


(1) Aaron Boone: 82%
(8) Jeter dives into stands: 18%

(2) Late-game '01 World Series heroics: 67%
(7) A-Rod owns Nathan in the '09 ALDS: 33%

(3) Jeter's Flip Play: 66%
(6) Mo's last game: 34%

(4) DJ3K: 60%
(5) Sojo wins the Subway Series: 40%

Second round


(1) Gehrig's "Luckiest Man" speech vs. (4) DiMaggio's hit streak reaches 56
(2) Larsen's perfecto vs. (3) Ruth's "Called Shot"


(1) Maris hits his 61st homer vs. (4) Reggie homers thrice in '77 World Series Game 6
(2) Chambliss blast ends ALCS vs. (3) Bucky F'in Dent


(1) Cone's perfecto vs. (4) Tino's '98 World Series slam
(2) Wells's perfecto vs. (3) Leyritz homer ties '96 World Series Game 4


(1) Aaron Boone vs. (4) DJ3K
(2) Late-game '01 World Series heroics vs. (3) Jeter's Flip Play

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So basically, every moment that was a seeder seed advanced. Sorry, underdogs. I'll just take this to mean that we did a pretty good job assigning seeds. I predict that the second round will get a little bit more interesting though, as good arguments could be made for almost every moment left that it should have been a number one seed. Are you surprised by any of the results? Which moment do you think is the favorite to finish #1?

Tanya and I will be rolling out the second rounds posts next week. Thanks for participating and keep it up!

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