2014 Hall of Fame Ballot

Im sure one of our many fantastic writers will be covering this in more depth over the next month, but I didn't see any posts on this yet and thought I'd get a jump on it. Per BWAA, the available ballot being voted on this year contains 19 new players and 17 hold overs. Below is a list of the new players being voted on this year:

In addition, the holdovers are listed below along with their current year on the ballot and last year's voting percentage:

Of course at the center of this ballot is the steroids / PED debate which is what caused 0 live players to be inducted last year. It should be interesting to see how things play out this year, but I think there are several players who should be getting into Cooperstown. I didn't have time to name 10 players id vote for, but here are my obvious picks:

Greg Maddux:

23 Years in MLB / 355-227 W-L Record / 132 ERA+ / 104.6 WAR / 18 Gold Gloves / 4 CY Young Awards / Lead the League in SO 5 Years with 35 SO total / 8 All Star Games

Frank Thomas:

19 Years in MLB / (.301 / .419 / .555) Career Hitter / 156 OPS+ / 521 HRs / 1,667 BB - 1,397 Ks / 5 All Star Games / 2 MVPs / 4 Silver Sluggers

Barry Bonds:

22 Years in MLB / (.298 / .444 / .607) Career Hitter / 182 OPS+ / 762 HRs / 2,558 BB - 1,539 Ks / 688 IBBs / 7 MVPs / 142.7 oWAR / 514 SBs / 14 All Star Games / 12 Silver Sluggers / etc. etc. etc. I realize the controversy behind Barry Lamar Bonds, but my reasoning behind voting for him is that we have no way to know exactly who did what and when, PEDs were not enforced during that time, and just look at those freaking numbers... You know what I didnt realize? Despite having Seven Hundred and Sixty Freaking Two HRs, the guy didn't even get 2,000 RBIs which should be a pure testament to how loaded the RBI stat is. I mean the year he hit 72 HRs, he only got 137 RBIs and that was the most he ever got in a season. Most of the was due to pitching around him with men on base but the point remains, a batter has very little control over RBIs. Also, even if you take out his nearly 700 IBBs, he still had more walks than Ks. He probably wouldnt have been the all time great hitter he was playing with whatever he was on, but he was still a Hall of Fame great player.

Tom Glavine:

22 Years in MLB / 305-203 W-L Record / 118 ERA + / 74 WAR / 2 CY Young Awards / 10 All Star Games / 25 Career SO

Roger Clemens:

24 Years in MLB / 354-184 W-L Record / 143 ERA+ / 139.4 WAR / 1 MVP / 7 CY Young Awards / 46 Career Shutouts / 4,672 Ks / 11 All Star Games / etc. etc. etc. Clemens is obvious the pitching version of Bonds in terms of Career and Controversy, so similar comments apply to him as did Bonds.

Other thoughts:

As mentioned above, while I understand the controversy of the "steroid era" players inclusion into the Hall of Fame, I think its also important to note that there have been shady players elected in the past, there will be shady players elected in the future. Also, there are more than just the 5 above I would vote for, but I just didn't have the time this morning to go into more detail on others, I think the voting this year could be a challenge just due to the vast depth of great players on the ballot. Based on dealing with Arod issues since '09 I know there are many fans on this blog who would disagree with my stance, but the fact is you can't ignore certain parts of the history of MLB just because you don't like what you see. You could argue the game has been played unfairly almost every decade of its existence, whether its racial segregation of the sport, various illicit drugs, wars taking away the best players of the game for years at a time, the rules of the game being changed (number of games played, additional teams added diluting talent, mound height being changed, etc.), various ballpark dimension sizes, steroids, PEDs, stimulants, on and on. Just as we never know how Barry Bonds would have performed if he played clean, we will never know how Babe Ruth would have played if he lived in today's MLB environment.

If you were a BWAA voter, who would you vote for?

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