All quiet on the trade front?

Hmmm, sure is quiet on the trade front. We have heard of a potential Matt Kemp trade. You know the one where we send CC Sabathia or Ivan Nova to the Dodgers for him. Lol not much traction there seeing that Tim Hudson is in Dodger blue now. They have six starters for five spots and a couple rookies knocking on the door. But dam Kemp would look good in Yankee pinstripes. Then again those Bronx Bombers are in hot pursuit of Carlos Beltran. Looks like right field is about to be under contract. Not to menton they still are in pursuit of Curtis Granderson, as per Brian Cashman himself. (BTW: I for one believe Curtis and Beltran are the goal. Just do not see the Yankees giving up that 30 to 40 homers Curtis produces.)

Are they trying to trade for a pitcher? All you hear about is Hiroki Kuroda and Mashiro Tanaka. Ok Ervin Santana, Ricky Nolasco, Ubaldo Jimenez and Matt Garza are the fall back options. Joe Nathan and or Grant Balfour seem to be just waiting for the Yankees to pony up the money. Boone Logan and Scott Downs are the top loogies on the list. No pitching trade(s) there it seems.

Infield? Well Alex Rodriguez is still iffy? Is Robinson Cano going to sign? Right now that is up in the air too. Derek Jeter might be able to play short again? On hell, we got Brendan Ryan as his back-up. Well on second thought we need some infielders, ASAP.

How about some infield trade options:

Brandon Phillips would cost a lot and some top prospects. But an interesting idea. Most scouts have Cano moving to third base to finish up his career. That would be an interesting idea. Add another proven bat and a gold glover as well. Just hard to see it going down if Cano is resigned. If for no other reason than Brandon seems to be at war with everyone. Specially the sports media. He might create Wrestle Mania in the clubhouse. As a former second base prospect, the late great Macho Man Randy Savage, would say "Oh Yeah, can you dig it"!!!!!!!!!!! Still something to consider.

Asdrubal Cabrera? Many believe he needs a change of scenery. He has experience at 2B/SS/3B. Played over 90% of his games at short. I know, the Yankees already have that dynamic duo of Jeter and Ryan. We seemed to have passed on Jhonny Peralta, Hell if it is true he ask the Yankees for a reported $75 million. I would have replied with some nasty steroid remark. You know something like "That much for a F#$%*&g druggie". Stephen Drew is by far the best free agent option on the market. I think when you consider his defense and offense he just moves to the front of the list. Drew has two strikes against him in my opinion, #1 He refused more money from the Bombers last year to go to the Boston Red Sox and would only play short. #2 Signing him allows those Bean-town rascals another draft pick.

Wait!! Was it not reported that Hal Steinbrenner informed Derek Jeter, that the Yankees intended to look for an every day shortstop? With no apparent free agent appearing on the eminent radar scope. They must be trying to trade for an upgrade or a future solution at short. Asdrubal has one year on his contract. He is to be paid some $10 million dollars for his service during 2014. His Annual Average Value (AAV) is around 6 million. Very cheap when Peralta is getting $53 for 4 years. Drew will be wanting a minimum of 75 million for 5 years. Was reported last year, by Bleacher Report, that the Cleveland Indians were looking at a combination of David Phelps, Vidal Nuno and Tyler Austin / Slade Heathcott. (Until Phelps and Vidal got hurt.) Then those St Louis Cardinals got into the mix and of course the Indians wanted a Lance Lynn type pitcher or a Matt Adams bat in return. The Indians now will not get anything from St Louis. It has been reported that the Indians are in need of cash relief. They need to resign Ubaldo, a closer and find a middle of the order bat. Currently, they are trying Carlos Santana at third in the winter leagues. In hopes, his bat can stay in the line-up every day. Could that be their solution to an RBI producer? They have Ronny Rodriguez and Francisco Lindor, two promising shortstops knocking on the door. These two will be in the big leagues soon. Specially Francisco Lindor. He is a special player. Every scout drools over this guy. Trading Cabrera and sliding one of those two into short or even Mike Aviles would free up some $10. That money could then be used to sign Jimenez or another front of the rotation starter.

Asdrubal Cabrera could be the top trade target on the radar of Brian Cashman. Who would or should the Bombers give up to make this trade happen? Any thoughts?

If not Asdrubal who is the top trade target of the Yankees?

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