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OK, so I get the desire to get below $189k. But why let Russell Martin go for $17m for two years to Pittsburgh only to suffer through horrible catching last yer and now sign Brian McCann to a a five-year $85mm contract now? Sure, McCann might see an uptick in power hitting in Yankee Stadium but he's not a number three, four or five hitter. In fact, before last year, he would have batted 8th or 9th in the Yankees' lineup.

And let's not forget that if they had wanted to, the Yankees could have easily gotten Martin for three years for $8 or less per year. Now they are paying $17mm a year.

Mostly, though, I'm not getting the math. Brian McCann is a solid, but not great hitter. He hasn't hit 30 homers in his career, much less 40. He's not going to win any batting championships. He's merely solid, in an era of mediocre hitting catchers. He's also not the greatest defensive catcher of his generation. No, he's a solid, serviceable upgrade being paid like he's the second coming.

This kind of signing implies that you need to pay everyone who is not arbitration eligible at least those kind of dollars. And what would it say about someone in his prime who is actually great? Is Mike Trout worth $50mm a year? The $17mm/year the Yankees are paying McCann is more than the Yankees paid Mariano Rivera, the greatest relief pitcher of all time. Does anyone think McCann will win more games than Rivera?

Yes, the Yankees catching situation was horrible last year and yes, this will be a big upgrade. But let's not confuse Brian McCann with the next coming of Johnny Bench. He's not. And let's do wonder if George whacked his sons one too many times upside the head in their youth and severely reduced their ability to reason clearly.

I understand that baseball is flush with cash and there is the law of supply and demand. But just because everyone else is temporarily insane is no reason for the Yanks to seek admission into the asylum. If these kind of dollars are crazy for the Yankees, they are even more insane for most other teams. So patience is a big virtue in these kind of turbulent times.

Where is the plan? Haven't we learned anything from overpaying aging veterans like CC, Tex, A-Rod, Jeter, and all the rest? Why can't the Yankees with all their zillions put together the best minor league system in baseball? Why aren't they developing kids in all over the world?

I'm tired of the Yankees signing guys to long term mega contracts when their best years are behind them. A two year old could do a better job of assembling a team.

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