My 2014 Yankees Blueprint

Hey guys. My name is Mike and have been seriously following the Yankees since I was 11. I have been reading the offseason ideas on this site as well as others and all I see are the same ideas. Sign Carlos Beltran! Sign Brian McCann! Sign Masahiro Tanaka! My ideas are more affordable and realistic from my estimation at least, however you may feel free to disagree.

1. My first idea is a cliche, but a good one. Sign Robinson Cano!!!! My maximum offer if I were the Yankees would be 8 years 230 Million. It would be the third largest contract in MLB history (behind only Arod and Pujols) and should be affordable by the Yankees standards. I think that is the highest bid they could make without making it ridiculous.

2. Sign 2 new starters. I think the rotation is the greatest need for the Yanks. A healthy year of Teix, a full year of Soriano, and some small additions will take care of the offense. With that being said, sign Matt Garza(5/80M) and Paul Maholm(2/16). Personally, I think Matt Garza = Tanka's ceiling. With that being said, at least Garza is a proven major league talent, even if he's not an ace. Furthermore, he has had success in the AL East. Say what you will about Garza but the guy's a competitor. Tanaka, I view as a number 3 starter with the ceiling of a number 2. I will be shocked if he is the next Yu Darvish. I had no doubts about Darvish's talent and was not surprised at his major league success, but I do not see Tanaka as Yu Darvish. He has above average (not plus) velocity and struck out less than a batter per inning in Japan. Japan is not as good as MLB by any standard with all due respect to the Japanese League. Matsui hit 50 home runs in Japan and hit 16 in his first year on the Yankees. Next, Paul Maholm. He should be cheap and will be more than solid as a number 5 starter. He's a lefty and doesn't give up

3. Re-sign Kuroda(1/15M). If Kuroda's willing to come back I'm all for it. The guy is solid as they come and deserves a new contract if he's willing to come back.

4. Third base. At first I thought Mark Reynolds? But I wasn't crazy about that idea. Then I saw that David Freese was available. His value is probably pretty low and his potential value would be perfect for the Yankees. At the very least, he works the count, hits for average, and gets on base, which is valuable. The Yankees probably had their lowest OBP in years last season. Freese will help change that. If the Yankees have any opportunity to get Freese, they have to take it in my opinion. I doubt it'll cost more than maybe Claiborne and some prospects. Also they should sign Ryan Roberts as an insurance policy, given Freese's injury history. He has upside with potentially no risk involved.

5. Sign Raul Ibanez(1/8M). He will most likely be more than happy to come back to New York. At first I thought Granderson, but I couldn't stand the idea of paying him the kind of money nor the number of years he would command. Raul Ibanez is probably the most under the radar power option on the free agent market, which provide the most value. Furthermore, he works the count. He's a grinder, a guy you want to have on the team. I see no reason not to sign him.

6. Bullpen. Sign Grant Balfour(2/16M). He's the best reliever on the market in my opinion next to Nathan, but Nathan is only getting older. Also, sign Scott Downs(2/10M) and re-sign Boone Logan(1/4M with an option). I like the idea of adding Downs. He can pitch and has closing experience, even though he is getting older. But for that reason, he shouldn't be expensive either.

7. Catcher. I would give the job to Romine. He showed at the end of the year that he can be a capable contributor and has enough talent to back it up. I doubt he'll be Jorge Posada but he should be a solid contributor until Gary Sanchez is MLB ready.

I also think that Ronnie Mustelier will be an effective option next year for the Yanks. With that being said, they should release Vernon Wells. I doubt he will ever be servicable again in MLB. At this point, Mustelier deserves a shot. If Arod is suspended, this roster will cost approximately 189 Million, while still being competitive from my view. Here's how the roster would look:

CF Gardner

SS Jeter

2B Cano

LF Soriano

1B Teixeira

DH Ibanez

3B Freese

RF Ichiro(I still love Ichiro for who he is; although I realize his value isn't what it was)

C Romine

ST1 Sabathia

ST2 Garza

ST3 Nova

ST4 Kuroda

ST5 Maholm/Pineda

CL Balfour(I'm gonna miss Rivera)

SU Robertson

SU Downs

MR Kelley

MR Logan

MR Claiborne/Betances

LR Phelps

C Stewart/Cervelli

IF Nunez(I don't see why they would want Brendan Ryan when they have this guy. Can someone please explain that to me?)

OF Mustelier/Almonte(Someone to hit righties)

IF/DH Roberts (Another possible right handed compliment to Ibanez; and insurance for Freese)

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