It is time to turn the heat up on Robinson Cano!!!!!!!

As everyone knows by now Jay-Z and company had a meeting with the Mets. We can only assume it was a meeting to lay out for the Mets why they need to sign Robinson Cano. Then we see Cano in the paper, dress in a Met uniform. Randy Levine responded:

Levine We want Robbie back; we think Robbie is terrific. But we have no interest in doing any 10-year deals and no interest in paying $300 million to any player. Until he gets a little more realistic, we have nothing to talk about.

" -- Randy Levine, Yankees president

So how does one turn up the heat on the best player on the free agent market? Make him feel like the Yankees are moving on. As Randy also stated the Yankee's, are in talks with several other free agents. Time to start reeling in a few of those. We all know the left side of the infield is going to need help. With the uncertainty of Derek Jeter's ability to return as an every day starter. Alex Rodriguez's status up in the air till at least mid December.

Time for the Yankees to sign or trade for a player that can play SS/3B and of course potentially 2B if needed. On the Free Agent market a couple names come to mind. Jhonny Peralta and or Stephen Drew. On the trade front an Asdrubal Cabrera would be a good addition. All are more than capable of playing all three positions. Make it know that they will be readied in spring training to play any of these three positions.

Continue to pursue Brandon Phillips and make it know to all. None of this clandestine stuff. Let the world know he could be the best option and or the next option to replace Cano.

Start signing some of the top free agents that are on the priority list. If you remember what happen to Andy Pettitte a few years ago he was offered around $15 million, he hem hawed around and eventually settled for $5 million. Why because the Yankees had committed the money that was directed towards Andy to other players the team had targeted.

From all indications Robinson has been offered a contract for about $24 million a year for the next 7 years. He wants $31 million a year for the next 10 years. If if you split the difference and give him $27.5 million for the next 7 years that would be $192.5 million dollars a year, still under $200 million. That would make him have the highest Annual Average Salary in baseball. Is that not what he really wants?

Where else can he go play and be the face of that organization? Even receive 1/2 of the potential commercials and other opportunities, as he would receive as a New York Yankee. He is on track to have his bust placed in monument park at Yankee Stadium. Now how many can say that? But that will never happen if he finishes up his career in another uniform.

What other team allows for his talents and legacy to be on display year in and year out in the playoffs and World Series?

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