Who is to blame?

Ever baseball fan is disappointed when his or her team does not make it to the playoffs. Us Yankee fans want more than just a berth in the playoffs. We expect to win our division, the ALCS and of course the World Series. If we do not reach our goal we want answers. Plain and simple we want a scapegoat. Someone needs to have their feet held to the fire during this Hot Stove Season.

I will have to say this that I was duly impress with the job that was done by Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi. My only though or suggestion was, just maybe Joe should have gone to a six man rotation, midway thru the season. Might have given some rest to our older starting rotation, for the stretch run. As far as Brian goes, what else could he have done better. Maybe a trade but, we do not truly know of any such proposed trades or what was involved in a trade proposal. I firmly believe that both excelled this year.

Hal Steinbrenner. One might lay the blame at Hal's door step. I have a hard time doing this. We were in a situation where our superstars got hurt. Yes everyone was aware of A-Rod injury and recovery time. No doubt this was why Kevin Youkilis was a Yankee. He too went down to injury. All in all was an off season of hole filling till the stars returned. That made it hard to simply replace a player when you know within 1 to 3 months they should be back on the diamond in pinstripes. Those free agents do want paid more than minimum.

Injuries cannot be predicted. That is why your higher levels (AAA or AA) of the minor leagues becomes so important. They are feeders to the major league team. When you look at what was left standing, barring injuries, it was a barren group. We even had to speed up some of our top prospects, Simply to fill roster spot caused by the injury bug in our farm system. One can only hope this was not detrimental to their progress. No team feels that it's minor leagues is the total answer to any roster problems that occur, but they are at least third or fourth option on any depth chart.

This was where the problem started and ended this year. Our prospects did not get the job done for the parent club. Yes some exceeded expectations for short time frames. No one sustained it for the duration. Where were the up and coming stars or studs? They were in the lower levels. Really, and why was that? We had done such a poor job of development and drafting. We sure did not seem to do anything to keep anyone on the field. Our farm system is and was decimated by injuries. Even to the point of causing some players to take a step back in their development. Our upper levels were in shambles. One always has to ask the question. Why? Poor drafting? Was it because of poor player development? Was it an over zealous manager or coach, trying to better themselves at the expense of his young players? Hell maybe even just bad luck?

The past few years I was amazed at the players we did not sign in the international pool. This was the one area where we could and have always excelled. Yet no Yasiel Puig, Yoenis Cespedes or Aroldis Chapman. Why was that? I think someone missed the boat. We have very good scouts and facilities all over Latin America. We did not read the market right or the talent level correctly for some of these players. That have made their way to the major leagues. Look at the amateur draft the last 5 years. Who has made an impact on our major league roster? Better yet who is about too? Can you name anyone? I can not.

When a team over performs, like this one did this year. You would love to think it is because of the contribution made by your farm system. That was not the case. It was Cashman's ability to find useable parts, while dumpster diving, that carried the day. We keep hearing that the Yankees had or have a top 15 farm system. We sure did not see it this year. More like in the bottom 10. Surely not at the top of any farm system list.

Damon Oppenheimer what do you have to say for yourself. It is my understanding that you, sir, are responsible for our minor leagues. That includes all coaches, managers, instructors, scouts and oversee all foreign player ventures / talent as well. Not to mention the health and player development of our future major league players, that currently reside in the minor leagues. The buck has to stop here. Damon can you offer any explanation as to why our minor league system is in such poor shape?

It is time for a change. We need to raid or steal some of the top executive talent of the top five farm systems. Just take a look at the farm systems that Tampa Bay Rays or St. Louis Cardinals have. Hell even the Red Sox are far better than us. This whole farm system needs revamped. It needs gutted. We need to start at the top and work our way down.

Damon Oppenheimer I think it was your time to SH@# or get off the pot. Looks to me like you my friend were doing a lot of grunting and nothing was coming out. You may need a laxative.

Has anyone ever told Hal, "That fish smell at the head first".

I for one believe you, Damon, have failed us Yankee fans!!!!!!!!

Damon on your way out please do not let the door hit you in the ass!!!!!

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