The Guide to Re-Building is an 18 Year Old Army

I don't know about everyone else, but i'm tired of these players who are so talented in college, yet seem to fall into the league ass backward and end up being big 'ol busts. Look at the education level of of the best players in the MLB at their respective positions

P-Kershaw- High School

CP- Mariano Rivera- Whatever the hell they do in Panama

1b- Chris Davis- High School

2b- Robinson Cano- Again, whatever the hell they do in the DR

SS- Troy Tulowitzki- Cali State, Long Beach

3b- Miguel Cabrera- Venezuelan education

OF- Andrew McCutchen, Mike Trout, Carlos Gonzalez... High School, High School, Venezuela...

This proves one thing. The talent that is going to last is going to come out of High School, or straight off a boat.

To those of you that are going to say "ooh well look, Tulo is on there" Yeah he's on the list, because when he is playing, Tulo is an absolute monster... but how often is he actually on the field? Could forgoing his trip to college have helped his body stay healthy enough for him to have had a career worthy of the Hall?

The point of all of this is simple. Please stop drafting college athletes with the expectation of them to be the next Mickey. Every once in a while, there may emerge a talent who didn't develop until college, but that's a rarity. Most of the time, these kids are high school superstars, and the ones that go to college tend to be the Diva's who think that they deserved to be taken earlier than they were in the draft... Fuck them. Who needs all of that?

I Have A Dream!! That one day, the Yankees will have a successful draft.

I want nothing but high schoolers from now on. Because lets face it, once these kids go to college, it just becomes a job. These kids work for 4 years without being paid, get to the show, and act like someone owes them something. Think back to your high school days. You simply played because you loved the game, and wanted to take district, or even state. I want the high school attitude in my dugout. I want someone who's going to call Dustin Pedroia out on his gay little attempt at a beard, not someone who's going to ask him what kind of shampoo he uses. Let's get rid of all these pretty boys who would rather look good than play good. Griffey didn't become the biggest pimp in the game without getting dirty. He did it playing balls to the wall. From what I see, most of the guys who play BTW never had to play in college, and that's why they still have the passion that they need to be a competitive player in the Major Leagues.

Lets draft this 18 year old army, and develop them. Don't pressure them to be the "Yankee Way". Let's face it, as classy as we are, everyone hates us anyways. Let's just become a bunch of Bad Asses and give them something to talk about.

18 year old army.. Girardi is the General


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