Yankees trade target(s): Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Stephen Dunn

For the second time in as many years, the Angels have failed to live up to the hype set in the off-season. They should probably sell and there are a few names the Yankees should keep an eye on.

After reading the title you may have asked yourself, "Why would the Yankees want to trade for the Angels? How would that even work?" No, I'm not suggesting the Yankees should trade for the Angels, that would be pretty complicated and bad since they continue to massively underachieve. Instead, I'll look at a few players on the Los Angeles of Anaheim of California of Orange County Whatevers the Yankees should look into and put it all in one tidy little post instead.

Alberto Callaspo: With Alex Rodriguez's and Derek Jeter's respective off-the-field distractions and injury problems, the Yankees could use an upgrade from the production they're currently getting from their respective utility infielders this year. Callaspo is hitting .255/.323/.353 with a 90 wRC+ on the year and is two years removed from a .288/.366/.375, 109 wRC+ season in 2011. Callaspo, who is mainly a third baseman, hasn't played much shortstop in recent years, though the same can be said about Jayson Nix before he came to New York. He is also signed through 2014 at a reasonable salary ($4.8MM) which is a plus.

Scott Downs: I know the bullpen is the biggest strength of this team, but there are a couple of small cracks in the armor (Looking at you, Boone Logan). Logan has been fine overall this year (2.39 ERA, 3.31 FIP), but has simply struggled against lefties, allowing them to hit .259/.290/.466 off him this year. Not only are Downs' overall numbers (1.84 ERA, 3.32 FIP) pretty good, but he has shutdown lefties, holding them to a .200/.259/.220 line. Downs, like Logan, is a free agent after this year.

Mark Trumbo: This one seems like a pipe dream more than anything, but you never know who is available when you're dealing with potential sellers. Trumbo, coming into Sunday's play, is hitting .250/.314/.472 with a 117 wRC+. Even with Alfonso Soriano and the returns of Derek Jeter and (maybe) Alex Rodriguez, Trumbo would be the best right-handed hitter on the team. Yes, he is overrated to at least some degree, but he has serious pop and the Yankees should be interested if he's made available.

Those are just a few players the Yankees could be interested in from the underwhelming Angels. What do you guys think? Is there anyone else on the Angels the Yankees should target?

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