Current State of the Franchise

Wow, The Yankees are no longer in sole possession of first place in the AL East, I'm sure everyone is as surprised as I am.

This team needs a new manager at the helm. Anyone who believes Joe Girardi is a competent manager must be taken to a mental hosptial.

David Robertson needs to relax and take a vacation, he's not the same guy he was last year. In fact, all of our bullpen seems very tired, we need to stop pulling starters so early. If our starters throw more pitches per game, say 175-200, teams will be caught off-guard and will struggle in the later innings.

Another major issue with our roster is our age, we have far too many players past their prime. The vast majority of our players are in decline, every player over 30 must go! Once we rid ourselves of these overpaid grandfathers, great prospects will rise immediately through our farm system. This influx of young talent should revitalize the team.

As for Yankee Stadium itself, the green grass is so cliché, it needs to go. The game has evolved and is now extremely rough on natural grass, a better alternative would be to upgrade to a field with primarily orange turf with patches of yellow; way flashier! Also, the fences must be moved back. With larger dimensions, we will have a better chance of winning games; it's not smart to rely on homeruns for any part of our offense. Playing small ball and relying on the speedy players we have will increase our chances of winning significantly. A better looking field will give the team a boost in confidence and a great sense of pride.

Next, I think it's time to have a nice chat with Mr. Selig. This 162 game schedule is becoming really drawn out and boring. To increase baseball's popularity, a change to a quick eight game regular season would be perfect. With a shorter season and changes to Yankee Stadium, ticket sales should go through the roof.

Lastly, a few changes in the clubhouse are long overdue. Since the Red Sox chaotic clubhouse lead to their collapse in 2011, all profanity should be banned in our clubhouse. This will ensure a peaceful and orderly sanctuary for the players, coaches, and media. Due to the obvious importance of the rule, all violators should be faced with a steep penalty; a 2 game suspension and hefty fine should do the trick!

If you've made it this far, good job, you will now see the actual state of The New York Yankees. Check for subliminal messages, a.k.a. bold words.

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