OTM vs PS... PB Fantasy Smackdown Concludes

This is a little delayed but it's time the winner was unveiled to all.

Congratulations PB's YankeesJets on your hard earned victory!

It was an exciting match against Over the Monster's champion Sologub, it came down to the wire and 10 total points. It was a very competitive season and I was very impressed with how active the managers of all the teams were.

For your enjoyment here are the final standings:

1 Beer, Chicken n' The 27 Yanks
14-5 5790 4822 304.7 253.8 +50.9
2 Shades of '04
13-6 5504 4772 289.7 251.2 +38.5
3 Centaurian Jogging Suits
11-8 5536 4985 291.4 262.4 +29
4 Youk da Duke (upCHUCK)
15-4 5675 4387 298.7 230.9 +67.8
5 Red Fog
15-4 6026 4854 317.2 255.5 +61.7
6 Jeter's a Tink
11-8 5559 4985 292.6 262.4 +30.2
7 Limo Driver
9-10 5004 5191 263.4 273.2 -9.8
8 Bronx Bombers
10-8-1 4733 4844 249.1 254.9 -5.8
9 New York Highlanders
11-8 4875 4829 256.6 254.2 +2.4
10 Honolulu Menehune
9-10 4929 5345 259.4 281.3 -21.9
11 The Smilin' Andino's
7-12 4712 5106 248.0 268.7 -20.7
12 App State Krakens
4-15 3922 5091 206.4 267.9 -61.5
13 Four Days In October
5-13-1 4944 5584 260.2 293.9 -33.7
14 Damon Wuz Here
5-14 4012 5496 211.2 289.3 -78.1
15 Catch These Men
8-11 5166 5312 271.9 279.6 -7.7
16 Footie Pajamas
4-15 4409 5193 232.1 273.3 -41.3

I'm not trying to be pompous about my 13th rank, it simply won't let me unbold it.

Since PSA no longer exists, I think my OTM brethren would agree that these results are irrelevant since the higher victory belongs to us for merely still existing. With these results invalid, I think we should do it again under proper branding next year to crown a legitimate champion and let's be real NOTHING interesting happened in baseball in 2012 and we'd all be best served by forgetting it ever happened *hides Adrian Gonzalez and Kevin Youkilis shirtzees in bottom drawer and sobs uncontrollably*.

Again, congrats to YJ and all the other league managers on a great year and an even better one next year!

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