Two Key Numbers why the Yanks might be in Trouble

First I want to say that I used to post fairly often on Pinstripe Alley (Bible) but I changed jobs and don't have as much time to peruse the web while I'm working...Damn promotions.

Anyway, there are two numbers that I want everyone to concentrate on: 11 and 86.

11. Why is that number so important? Because it's the number of stolen bases Centaur Rodriguez has right now. Why is his total so important? Well, he leads the team. Yes, he leads the NYY with 11 stolen bags...and he missed 6 weeks. I'm not saying we need to have anyone with 25+ stolen bases but we need to find other ways to move guys. Why does Granderson have only 8 SB's? And Jeter 9?

I understand that if Gardner played, he'd probably have had 50+ SB. But then again if I had wheels I'd be a bicycle so it's a moot point.

I'm a huge fan of the long ball and love that we can pull it out pretty much anytime we need to but come playoff time, we're going to need to manufacture runs and adding stolen bases to our repertoire wouldn't kill us.

86. The number of RBI that Curtis Granderson has. Why is it important? Because the last time the Yankees had no players with 100+ RBI was 1995. Paul O'Neill led the team with 96. The Yanks finished second in the division that year and qualified for a playoff berth because of the brand new Wild Card system.

The Yankees are a team full of bashers, they lead the league in homeruns but might not have a guy with 100 RBI? This shows to me two things: 1) Everyone contributes. 2) They can't hit with RISP. Everyone blamed Jerry Meals for that loss the other night, we were 1-9 with RISP that night. We had plenty of chances to blow the game open before Meals blew the call.

Don't get me wrong, though, Grandy has a great shot at reaching 100 RBI. But only 1 guy with 100 RBI? That's not too good, especially for a team that needs to hit to win.

I think the Yanks can be serious World Series contender and I know that in order for the Yanks to make a deep run in October, their pitching needs to shape up. But I'd count on that before they start stealing more bases or hitting with RISP.

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