Should the Yankees trade for Cole Hamels?

Several places in the blogosphere are making noise about how the combination of Yankee pitching injuries and the Phillies suddenly being unable to get out of the NL East cellar, let alone compete for another pennant, as well as financial constraints and Cole Hamels becoming a free agent next year make for a perfect storm - perfect for the Yanks to jump all over and get a solid starting pitcher with postseason experience...

The Phillies have committed too much money and too many years to keeping the likes of Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Ryan Howard with the club to realistically resign Cole Hamels to a market value contract.

That means Hamels will probably not only be a free agent this offseason, but be one of the most coveted prizes of the winter. That is the truth.

The delicate nature of the Yankee pitching staff was exposed in each of the first two games against the White Sox.

On Thursday the bullpen collapsed in the ninth inning. Last night young Adam Warren was rocked in his big league debut and the relievers fared no better.

The Yankees need a pitcher. They need one to fill the gaping holes in the rotation now and one that would give the team depth in October.

Who better to fill that bill than Cole Hamels?

A former NLCS and World Series MVP, Hamels has the Northeast and playoff experience and would give the Yankees a shot of confidence. He would be in position to negotiate a contract extension with the deepest pockets in the game.

There are two regrettable but distinguishable post-Cole Hamels scenarios for Philadelphia fans.

One has Hamels leaving via free agency and the Phillies getting two draft picks in exchange for Hamels.

The other has the Phillies bargaining in a position of strength against a Yankee team that could be prone for a panic move.

New York sent their best trade chip, Jesus Montero, for pitcher Michael Pineda, who had one half of a good season and health issues.

Now they have a chance to bring in a proven All Star and potentially make their big offseason splash with a contract extension in one move. They might be willing to part with a few young players to make that deal.

Would Mason Williams, Dellin Betances or Manny Banuelos be available? If other clubs got into the bidding, would the Yankees raise the stakes to win the Hamels stakes?

Bleacher Report

Not only is the dreaded Bleacher Report on board with this - although even if you do hate the source, it's hard to fault the logic (except for any value that Betances or Banuelos has right now, though maybe the Phillies might view their upside as opposed to what we think of them now) - but the likes of The Philadelphia Inquirer and other Yankees Blogs also see the merits.

I also think this is a no-brainer if the price is right. The guy is an all star this year. He wants to command big bucks, the kind of bucks the Yankees either offer or make other clubs offer. The Phillies are going nowhere and the trade of Jim Thome is just the start. And they couldn't afford to keep him beyond this year most likely anyway, so they can get some valkue out of him before he leaves anyway.

I would love to see Cashman make this work and there's not much left in the minors that I would feel sorry to see go now that we got rid of Montero. I see little downside to this. Make it happen!

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