Yankees 5, Tigers 1: Phil Hughes Pitches Spectacular First Career Complete Game

DETROIT, MI - JUNE 03: Phil Hughes #65 of the New York Yankees pitches in the first inning against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park on June 3, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Trying something new for the recap today. Since I have the day to myself to watch the game, I'm going to write some thoughts each inning and hopefully it will give you an idea of what happened in the game today.

Here we go!

1st inning- Derek Jeter leads off with an opposite field home run on the first pitch of the game, followed by Curtis Granderson and Alex Rodriguez walking. Yankees fail to capitalize outside of a broken bat sac fly by Mark Teixeira, as Robinson Cano strikes out and Raul Ibanez flies out. Phil Hughes looks solid early, outside of walking Miguel Cabrera.

2nd inning- Listened to the second inning in the car, so I was lucky enough to hear the glorious voices of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman. Neither team did anything this inning, and Suzyn Waldman was not abducted by aliens, so the inning was unproductive.

3rd inning- Back to YES! Alex Rodriguez hits a monster home run, 447 feet! Michael Kay is asked a question, makes an incorrect statement, and simply states "I do not know." Brilliant.

4th inning- Eric Chavez' single reminds me of his injury last season at Comerica Park, which reminds me of every injury of his career, which lasts me until the 8th inning. Phil Hughes serves up his first meatball of the game to Prince Fielder, who stands and stares at his moonshot. Hughes almost gives up another home run, but luckily gold glover Raul Ibanez is there to make the catch. 3-1 Yankees.

5th inning- Double for Curtis Granderson, who for some reason is not getting the credit he deserves this season. Robinson Cano hits a HIGH fly ball which lands in the outfield and goes for a triple, and the Tigers defense does its job to allow Cano to score. Verlander does not look as good as usual, while Phil Hughes does! Surprises!

6th inning- Yankees go down quickly, and Phil Hughes pitches a 1-2-3 inning. Outside of the Fielder home run Hughes has been absolutely spectacular today.

7th inning- Another multi-hit game for Derek Jeter as he singles to lead off the inning. An Alex Rodriguez single knocks Verlander out of the game, as once again the Yankees get to the Tigers ace. Hughes sets down the Tigers again, and is at 98 pitches after seven innings.

Follow me after the jump for the exciting finish to this recap!

8th inning- Yankees go down 1-2-3 and Phil Hughes comes back out for the bottom of the eighth. Omir Santos hits a lazy fly out, Quintin Berry pops out to Derek Jeter, and Danny Worth grounds out to Jeter, who makes a beautiful pick on the bouncer. Nine pitch inning for Hughes, who has never thrown a nine inning complete game in any level of his minor league/major league career.

9th inning- Russell Martin hit a double. Yes, you read that right. Russell Martin hit a double. EXTEND THAT CONTRACT! (Sarcasm, of course) Hughes is back out for the ninth, which is fantastic to see. Miguel Cabrera is set down swinging, which once again is fantastic to see. Prince Fielder grounds out to Jeter, and now there is someone running on the field. I am not running on the field, I swear! After a single Phil Hughes strikes out one final batter to complete the game and complete his amazing performance. Great day for Hughes and the Yankees!

Comment of the Game- waw

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