Roster Nonsense

That's all you can call it. Since the 2012 season began the New York Yankees have been plagued by bizarre roster management. It is becoming harder and harder to comprehend, forget about trying to defend them. Some of it is to be expected. If you've been following the Yankees in the post-George Steinbrenner/Rise of Brian Cashman era, you know how the Yankees handle their roster. That is not the surprising part. The surprising part is new to 2012 and it needs calling out like Russell Martin needs an extra base hit.

To cut to the chase, the Yankees need to call up an outfielder, yet they still haven't. Gardner is on the DL, Swisher is hurt and Raul Ibanez is Raul Ibanez. Solution? More pitchers! The problem is having to get someone like DeWayne Wise onto the 40 and then onto the 25. Lets look at how the Yankees have gotten into this predicament in the first place.

40-Man Forever: The Yankee Way. You make it to the 40 and you pretty much have baseball tenure. It's how we had such Roster Greats as mystery man, Reegie Corona and depth chart champ, Ryan Pope. Other useful players can be put on the roster, but because he got there first he's staying. Here is a list of current 40-Man roster reserve players:

Who is Brad Meyers. He's on the DL and he's on the 40. I don't even think this man threw a pitch in spring training. Do we really need two light hitting middle infielders, whatever Brandon Laird is and the corpse of David Adams on the roster? I feel like we'd be ok with just two of them on there. Pena and Laird I suppose. Do we need two catchers? Francisco Cervelli is a major league backup catcher and Austin Romine is a broke back Chris Stewart. One is fine. Clearly the Yankees found Cody Eppley more valuable than Melky Mesa, so what is the point of Melky Mesa? I just made room for 5 DeWayne Wises. We only need 1 DeWayne Wise.

DL-itis: The Yankees are allergic to the Disabled List. Remember that time in 2011 when Russell Martin was hurt, but not hurt enough to help the team and then Francisco Cervelli was trotted out for what felt like forever? That's what the Yankee current outfield situation is like. Brett Gardner was put on the DL. Ok. We need another outfielder. Nope. Nick Swisher goes down. We REALLY need an outfielder. No. I can understand the need for another reliever, I can understand trying to get by until Gardner gets back, but I do not understand being ok with having just one real outfielder. If Brett Gardner is going to need more time before he gets back then the Yankees need to put Nick Swisher on the Disabled List. I know we want to get him back ASAP, but we also need someone who can catch a ball. We'll get Brett Gardner back and everything will suddenly get much better, then a healthy Swisher and we're back to normal.

The way they handle the 60-Day DL is just as bad. Cesar Cabral and Joba Chamberlain can both be put onto the 60-Day DL. Cabral has a broken elbow. Joba Chamberlain is Joba chamberlain. They think Joba will be back by July, but last i checked that is more than 60 days away. I have no idea what is going on with Cesar Cabral.

Inefficient Bullpen: We might have one of the best bullpens in baseball, but that doesn't mean it's economical. Two LOOGYs are not the most efficient way to run a bullpen. Now that we have 8 arms in the pen, those two lefties seem to be clogging up the works. There are more clogs. Freddy Garcia is a clog. Rafael Soriano is also a clog. What is he doing on this team?

I understand collecting depth and conserving your options in which to use it, but if you're never actually going to use that depth then what is the point of collecting it? Woah. Yes, DeWayne Wise would have to go through waivers if he's sent back down, but wasn't this what we brought him in for? The New York Yankees would rather DH Russell Martin than call up Jack Cust. The New York Yankees would rather have 13 pitchers than three outfielders. They take a chance and they pay for it and they will continue to pay.

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