A Retrospective

This shouldn't take too long. The good thing about one-dimensional players who never had a realistic shot at being in the majors is you don't have to talk about them for very long. They are what they are, so why drone? I mean, I could, but that seems like a waste of time.

Jorge Vazquez isn't a Yankee anymore. Not surprising given his comments about being stuck in the minors, but it's a bit strange to not have him on the Triple-A roadshow. He seemed like a decent guy to have around that team. Maybe a bit ogrish, but still useful in his own way. That way was only one way, but it's still a way.

Before this turns into droning, I'll stop. El Chato's way was home runs. Lots of them. Lots of fence-clearing fly balls with a lot more strikeouts in between them. Chato swing. Chato try to hit the ball a long way. Chato occasionally succeed at hitting the ball a long way. Fifty times over 800+ plate appearances in Triple-A to be exact. Eight-hundred plus isn't exact, but you get the point. He piled on 261 strikeouts in that span too, but let's try to focus on the good parts.

Irrelevant spring training dingers.

More dingers! In link form!

Link! Another Link! Less enthusiastic link. Out of chronological order link. World Baseball Classic link.

Pitchers You've Heard Of Who Vazquez Has Taken Yard: Vance Worley (twice), Jake Peavy, Travis Wood, Glen Perkins, Mike Minor, Craig Kimbrel

They're not all good names, but they're names. Vazquez has taken a lot more pitchers with names yard, but these names are slightly less irrelevant than the rest. It doesn't mean he would have done it in the majors. He almost certainly wouldn't have. But it's more impressive than not hitting a homer against any of those names at some point

Players like Chato are an odd sort. It's sort of the same fascination with players like Wily Mo Pena. You tune in or buy a ticket on the off chance they run into a fastball or some other hanging slop. If they do it has a chance to go really far. That's always fun to watch. If not, oh well, more baseball! Even better, maybe another at bat for your one-dimensional masher of choice. Hope springs eternal.

But Chato is gone now. Not exactly an important or overly noteworthy loss, but it still kind of sucks to see him leave. No more half-joking calls for him to be brought up. No more dingers that maybe help the Triple-A team to a couple extra wins. No more cheap laughs at his quest to lead the International League in strikeouts. Mostly no more dingers. Those are always fun to watch, even if they are somewhat meaningless. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

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