Half full? Half empty?

You know, it's funny. I wrote this post months ago, and never put it up. amazing how little has changed in some respects over the season, and how little or much I anticipate this club to accomplish in the post-season. Interesting read to see how little or how much thoughts change over the course of the season with my Yankees. Enjoy. It's sorta like an effed up version of deja vu in the bizarro that possible?

To start off, I would like to say this is my first contribution to, I plead with you to bear with me, as I have little to no experience. I... jumping in.

So after the Yanks dismantle the lowly Red Sox this weekend, assuming the surging Angel's have their way with the Orioles, them Yankees will be riding the crest of a beauftiful pinstiped wave towards yet another division title and playoff berth. The question is, can this wave continue? Or will it break before it reaches the banks?

As good as June was for New York (including a 10 game heater, Cano batting .340, Swish bringing it all together, and a staff that posted a 2.38ERA good for 2nd in the league), questions still remain. My fellow Canuck, Russell Martin has been DREADFUL at the dish, and has had multiple errors that may have been game changing. A different look here and there behind the plate might not be so bad in July. Like, I'm talking, "Set down the clipboard and strap 'em on Joe". That kind of bad.

Yet again, RISP is an issue. How we keep blowing these opportunities and are holding off teams is quite mind boggling. We did however manage to win a game the other night against the Rays without smashing a dinger! Whether thats good news or not, I'm not sure. I don't particularly care about the fashion in which we win games, as long as we keep winning 'em.

The problem I have,

is that I'm not sure if this style of ball we have been playing is sustainable. While knocking balls into the porch like crazy, our total runs per game has been far from staggering. If I'm not mistaken the Bombers have only been able to surpass the 10-run barrier three times on the season, something the Yanks have been able to almost make habit of over the years.

The starting pitching has been pleasantly surprising this past month, and with one of baseball's best pens behind it, confidence of the hurler's going into the Mid-summer Classic is high. I had my doubts that Huroki was finally going to smooth things over and become the AL pitcher that everyone knew he could be. Mr. Hughes has also hedged my earlier thoughts that he was never going to recover. When CC was questionably your worst pitcher over a month, and he only lost one game, things are just dandy. Ivan Nova continues to grow, and Phelps contributed well in a start to pick up the slack caused by the injury bug.


I heard a report that upon Gardner's return, C-Grand would be moving to a corner spot amidst some shotty fielding by his standards. Joe Girardi, no.

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