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ALDS Game 5 Coverage: Yankees vs. Orioles

The decisive fifth game of this ALDS to see who will play the Tigers in the next round.

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Yankees 3, Orioles 1: ALCS, Here We Come.

CC Sabathia was brilliant in a winner-take-all Game 5 over the Baltimore Orioles with a trip to the ALCS on the line.


CC Carries Yankees to ALCS Date with Detroit

We're in the ninth inning now with CC out on the mound to try to finish his four-hitter and send the Yankees to the ALCS against Detroit.

Adam Jones lifts a soft fly ball to Brett Gardner in left for out number one. His series average has fallen to an abysmal .077. CC then strikes out Davis (victim number nine), bringing up Wieters as Buck's last hope. He hits one back to the mound, and one more CC throw later, it's all over!

The Yankees are going to the ALCS against Detroit on the back of CC Sabathia's tremendous four-hitter. What a performance.

Tanya will be up with a full recap shortly. Celebrate the ALDS win and congratulations to the Orioles for playing the Yankees hard until the very end. A tip of the hat to Buck Showalter.

Get ready for Game 1 tomorrow night!

Eighth Inning Anxiety Calmed by CC

CC ran into trouble starting the 8th, giving up a single to Wieters and a walk to Machado to put runners on first and second with no one out. That brings up Mark Reynolds, who gets ahead on CC, 3-1, but he puts two strikes by him for the first out!

Next up is Lew Ford, who lines a base hit through the left side to give the Oriolrs their first run. It's now 3-1, still with runners on first and second and one out. Boston killer Robert Andino up with the scorching McLouth on deck. CC gets him to two strikes, then Andino hits a dribbler to CC's left. He gets to it and throws to second for the force, but too late. Based loaded for McLouth with the tying run in scoring position.

CC gets two quick strikes, throws one out of the zone, then comes up with a huge whiff! Sabathia's eighth K of the day brings Game 4 hero up with the bases still loaded, not out of danger yet. CC's up to 107 pitches, but he gets Hardy to hit one slowly toward shortstop, uncomfortably similar to Andino's knock. This time, it's hit hard enough for Jeter to get to it and throw out Hardy!

In the bottom of the eighth, Ichiro takes a one-out walk, and the highest-drafted LOOGY Brian Matusz comes in to get Cano on a double play.

Three more outs to go. CC's coming back in the ninth with Rafael Soriano waiting in the wings to come in and help him #Untuck if he needs help.

Keep calm and CC on.

Runs?? RUNS!!!

The Yankees finally dented home plate while I was subwaying over to the Stadium! Yes, I'm only getting there now. Blame the 5:00 start time and absolutely horrid traffic getting to New York. While CC did his CC thing and held the Orioles to a Wieters walk in two innings, the Yanks tallied a run in each off Hammel.

Mark Teixeira blooped a single for the Yanks' first base knock, then surprised the crowd with a stolen base! That brought up the New York's newest hero, Raul Ibanez, who finally gave the Yanks a hit with runners in scoring position to center. A 1-0 lead for CC! Raul was erased on a Swish double play, but Grandy broke his offensive drought with a base hit and stolen base. However, Russ flew out to strand him.

In the bottom of the frame, Jeter took a one-out walk, then shook off the pain of the bone bruise on his foot to score on a much-appreciated double to right-center. A two-run lead?? What??

I arrived with my friend at my blustery seat in the last row of section 409. Can't get any higher than here! Check my Twitter for a shot, it's ridiculous. Meanwhile. CC absolutely mowed down the O's in the top of the seventh.

I said in a post recently that CC needed to be like Chris Carpenter was in his NLDS Game 5 start last year with St. Louis, and he has met the challenge to a "T." One hit and one walk through seven, what a gem! Let's see if he stays in having thrown just 82 pitches. My money is on "yes" because he's been dominant and CC typically has a long leash.

Also, Grandy just took the lefty Troy Patton deep to left and this place went berserk. 3-0 now and it's wonderful to see Grandy breaking his slump.

Stay calm and CC on.

All Quiet on the Bronx Front

Mark Reynolds strikes out to start the third. It's the beginning of another perfect inning by both starters. Not much has changed for either offense entering today.

The suddenly-good-for-some-reason Nate McLouth singled leading off the fourth for the first hit of the day. Of course it's McLouth; he's their Jeter this series. The two have combined for 15 hits. With this first opportunity to score, the Orioles fail to move him up as J.J. Hardy and Jones fly out, keeping him at first for Davis. McLouth, tired of waiting around, steals a base, successfully of course. Now he has put himself into scoring position, but Davis falls behind 1-2. Stadium's on their feet for the hefty lefty doing the two-strike clap. Davis is just trying to get on base, but he fails by flying out to Grandy in deep center (aided by wind). Crisis #1 averted.

Now Jeter will try to start a rally against Hammel. If not him, then who else? Why not Zoidberg? The wind is blowing out, so any hitter had a chance to lift a flimsy homer into the short porch like Jayson Nix's amazing 315 ft. blast against Hector Noesi early in the season.

Alas, Jeter whiffs to bring up Ichiro. I will point out that Waldman just mentioned Larsen for real. Sigh. It's the fourth, Suzy. Still, Ichiro grounds out to price the silliness of superstition, if nothing else. Bobinson time. That hot week to end the regular season seems so long ago. Robbie brings the count to 2-2, but he takes a fastball right down the middle for strike three. Can't make this stuff up.

Scoreless going to the fifth. Poor CC.

CC Sharp, Offense Quiet at Outset

Well we're underway in this pivotal Game 5 to see who will face the Tigers in the ALCS. Ace CC Sabathia looked terrific in his first frame, needing only 10 pitches to retire the side. He finished with a strikeout of Adam Jones, who would fit in very well in this lineup of struggle right now. Buck Showalter switched him and Chris Davis to see if that would get him going. We'll see.

Jason Hammel just struck out Derek Jeter on a borderline pitch. He was not pleased at all with the call. Lovely beginning. Ichiro and Cano were retired as well, so we move to the second with not much to report of yet from the Bronx. Where's Jim Leyritz when you need him?

CC's back to work for the second and gets a nice play by Russ behind the plate. All aboard the Russ bus! He's certainly been good on plays like that. CC finished the second by striking out the slumping Matt Wieters and rookie Manny Machado. It looks like the big guy brought his good stuff, which the Yankees and their offense badly need. Can the Yanks get a run from somewhere? Inside-the-park little league homer on errors? I'd sign up, and figure out how to make GIFs. Yanks offense still quiet in the second, going down in order against Hammel again.

Both pitchers are perfect through two. Don Larsen's getting nervous. Actually, no. He's not.


Starting Lineup Out: A-Rod Benched

1- Derek Jeter, SS
2- Ichiro Suzuki, LF
3- Robinson Cano, 2B
4- Mark Teixeira, 1B
5- Raul Ibanez, DH
6- Nick Swisher, RF
7- Curtis Granderson, CF
8- Russell Martin, C
9- Eric Chavez, 3B

Woah. We will be hearing about the benching of Alex Rodriguez in this win-or-go-home game in the offseason, regardless of the outcome. Despite good numbers against Orioles starter Jason Hammel, A-Rod is benched against the righty in favor of the lefty Chavez. Meanwhile, Granderson is still in the lineup at seventh, Jeter is back at shortstop, and Ibanez will start.

The plot thickens.



What Should the Yankees' Game 5 Lineup Look Like?

Contrary to popular belief, Alex Rodriguez is only one of many hitters in a lineup that is struggling to score runs.

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