After Nick Swisher, Who? Plus: Why is Joe Torre Being Discussed?/Bottom 8

Steve: I feel sorry for Kuroda more than anyone else if the Yankees lose this one. He takes this stuff so seriously -- which he should, I guess.

Tanya: The offense has been allergic to helping him out seemingly all season.

Steve: I really worry about this offense for next season, not just with Kuroda, but in general.

Tanya: It seems even more troubling that they might have to downgrade right field offense significantly.

Steve: Swisher is vastly underrated, but even so, all he has to do is age out of ten points of batting average and he starts to get shaky. That said, they're going to have to replace that offense if he goes.

Tanya: I don't see any way they give him six years and 15-20 million per. But the options out there aren't great alternatives.

Steve: Exactly. In an ideal world, I don't give him that either, but I'm not sure there are better options.

Tanya: Half of our offense is clearly hurt right now. Always a good sign.

Steve: I think to some degree that's a function of the team's age.

Tanya: I was speaking of Jeter, specifically. He and Martin are the only ones hitting.

Steve: Jeter's ability to bounce balls through the infield is not something I'm certain transfers to 2013.

Tanya: Great, we've devolved into discussing A-Rod vs. Joe Torre.

Steve: This game is too tight to be talking about ancient history.

Tanya: Seriously. I don't need to be frustrated about Joe Torre on top of the offense in this game.

Steve: That was one of Torre's most ill-considered moments.

Tanya: I feel like it was more about Joe Torre than it ever was about A-Rod.

Steve: I felt as if he was actively undermining A-Rod there. But we said we shouldn't be discussing that.

Tanya: This game is flying. I guess that's what happens when the offense is flailing.

Steve: There was a time when every Yankees-Orioles game went 4.5 hours. I love baseball, but I don't need that much of it in one serving.

Tanya: 4.5 hours is a lot of baseball. I'd take it if it resulted in a win, though.

Steve: And they're back to Joe Torre.

Tanya: It's unbelievable. This entire crew has gotten on my nerves this series.

Steve: They are having serious problems with focus.
Tanya: Better than Chip Caray, but not by much. Red alert: they got Nate McLouth out.

Steve: They still have to hit something.

Tanya: Baby steps.

Steve: I really enjoy how expressive Swisher is at the plate.

Tanya: I think that's what makes everyone else hate him.

Steve: Does it make you hate him?

Tanya: Not at all.

Steve: I find his lack of stoicism refreshing.

Tanya: I think he's one of those players you love if he plays on your team, and hate if he doesn't.

Steve: I don't have that feeling about many players, especially the way they move around. They're all just guys earning a living to me. Wearing a different color pants doesn't make them a good guy or a bad guy.

Tanya: I agree, but Swisher seems to really rub opposing fans the wrong way.

Steve: I really don't see why. He's a little spirited, that's all. The only ones that rub me the wrong way are the wife-beaters and ex-rapists, etc.

Tanya: Oh, Granderson. You're hurting me.

Steve: Over 40 homers or not, he's regressed. ...T Yankees go quietly in the bottom of the seventh, the Orioles do the same in the eighth. Great start by Kuroda under any other circumstances.

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