Fearing Phil Hughes and Other Updates/Bottom 5

Tanya: This team doesn't believe in shutdown innings.

Steve: I wonder if Graig Nettles would have gotten that ball that got by Chavez.

Tanya: Why is the backup starting in the field anyway?

:Steve: Because he's a better glove than the starter at this point?

Tanya: Plenty more fragile, though, amazingly enough. Every time he dives I think he's going to break his whole body.

Steve: Hey, he actually stayed off the DL this year.

Tanya: Miracles never cease.

Steve: Last offseason I argued that the Yankees needed two third basemen because Rodriguez was either going to get hurt or need a lot of rest. I didn't think Chavez could do it, his skills having long ago separated from his body. I was right about the two third basemen idea, but pleased to be wrong about writing off Chavez.

Tanya: I was upset they gave him a guaranteed deal, but he's done a good job.

Steve: He will be a free agent after the season and I bet he gets some attention,. He's still a bad risk, but there are so few third basemen out there.

Tanya: He turned out to be a better investment than Jones this season, I guess.

Steve: I wonder if Jones' second half is a small-sample thing, 100 bad PAs in sporadic playing time. ...We should note that Kuroda pitched out of a bases loaded jam there.

Tanya: Quite an achievement with the dangerous Ryan Flaherty at the plate.

Steve: The sun don't shine on the same dog's ass in consecutive at-bats?

Tanya: Luckily not this time.

Steve: Let's see if A-Rod can be as dangerous as Flaherty.
Tanya: I'll take "Words I Never Expected to See Strung Together" for $400, Alex.

Steve: And the answer is, "No."

Tanya: You wouldn't know the crowd is there a good majority of the time, until Alex manages to displease them.

Steve: It does seem a bit subdued.

Tanya: Cano needs to go back to hitting everything. I liked that Cano.

Steve: He's facing some very good pitching here. The Orioles of now are not the Orioles of the first half.

Tanya: I guess his streak at the end of the regular season did come against some of the real bottom feeders. But it's just so fun to watch when he's crushing everything like that.

Steve: Bottom-feeders or not, that was an incredible run. My point was more to compliment Orioles pitching improvements than denigrate Cano's hot streak.

Tanya: It's a little amazing that people have so strongly refused to give the Orioles credit.

Steve: After that Machado home run, they might be forced to. Still early though and just a one-run game. Even if the Orioles do seem to win a lot of those.

Tanya: The scariest part is that Girardi is insisting on pitching Phil Hughes tomorrow, win or lose.

Steve: I don't know how to evaluate that. Hughes is... Variable.

Tanya: He's not who I want on the mound in an elimination game, I know that much.

Steve: You certainly would want a better choice.
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