Potential DH Candidates For The New York Yankees

SAN DIEGO, CA - SEPTEMBER 26: Carlos Pena #22 of the Chicago Cubs runs the bases during the fifth inning of the game against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park on September 26, 2011 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Kent C. Horner/Getty Images)

Now that the New York Yankees have traded Jesus Montero, the team has no set DH for the 2012 starting lineup. There are still many free agents remaining, but some would be too large for the Yankees budget.

The first option is to use a combination of the players already on the active roster to fill the DH spot. That means giving Alex Rodriguez a day at DH one day, then giving Derek Jeter the next day at DH, then Nick Swisher a day at DH, and combining that with Andruw Jones once in a while.

Another choice would be to create a competition in camp between Andruw Jones,Justin Maxwell, Brandon Laird, Jorge Vazquez, and any others that impress to win the DH job. This would require no signings or transacations, just putting more faith in players that have not proved they can be every day players.

The Yankees could go outside of the organization, however, as there are many DH's available at the moment.

Potential DH's include:

Carlos Pena- Pena strikes out a ton, but the Yankees have shown interest in Pena in the past. In August the Yankees claimed Pena off waivers from the Chicago Cubs, but Pena did not join the Yankees. The former Cub is known for striking out, but also for getting on base.

Johnny Damon- The former Yankee last played for the Tampa Bay Rays, and his ability to play the outfield is basically zero at this point. Damon boasts some speed and an ability to get on base, but he seems to be declining.

J.D. Drew- One of the better options out there, Drew had an awful season last year with the Boston Red Sox. Accused of not trying his hardest, Drew was often injured and barely played. Still, Drew is an on base machine and has played in the AL East.

Vladimir Guerrero- It's funny, I always wondered if Guerrero would be a Yankee after he started bouncing around teams. This may be his only opportunity to do so, as the Yankees are considering DH's, and Guerrero is considering teams. Guerrero is certainly declining, but his talent is nothing to ignore.

Hideki Matsui- I wish because I love him, but it would make no sense. Matsui has seen his numbers decline each season, yet his numbers are still adequate. If the Yankees signed Matsui it would likely be a fallback option.

Which option do you like best? I would like to see Carlos Pena in Pinstripes, personally.

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