Thank You Once Again, Jorge Posada

Back in October, I wrote an article thanking Jorge Posada, as I have in the past to Gene Monahan and Andy Pettitte. Despite having already thanked Posada, I feel it is necessary to do it again, as last time it was not a definite that he will retire.

Process this for a second: We will almost certainly never see another player wear a #20 New York Yankees jersey. We will never hear "now batting, #20, Jorge Posada" boom from the Yankee Stadium PA system.

We will never see Jorge Posada squat behind home plate and get ready to call a game, or see Posada sit in the dugout and wonder how on earth to be a DH.

When one talks about the Yankees, they often talk about pride, ability, will to win, and intensity that cannot be matched by any others. Jorge Posada was quite possibly the proudest Yankee to ever play. His pride hurt him in some cases, such as his tantrum in the 2011 season, but it also helped motivate him to be one of the best catchers of all-time.

In terms of ability, Posada's numbers are among the best in catching history. Despite not being blessed with the best defensive skills, Posada was serviceable defensively, while contributing consistently offensively in some of the greatest lineups of all time.

Posada's will to win and intensity showed in each game. Whether it was Posada barking at the umpires, using every muscle in his body to stretch a double into a triple (I'm thinking of you, 2011 ALDS Game 2) or even challenging other players to play their hearts out, Posada was one of the leaders in the clubhouse.

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It feels unbelievable that I am writing a goodbye post to Posada. Considering I have not been a Yankees fan nearly as long as many here, Posada is among the first players that I can say welcomed me to the life of being a Yankees fan.

Now that Posada is retiring, the Yankees are losing one of their greatest players in franchise history. Among the "core four," only Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera remain, with the likely possibility of Rivera retiring following the upcoming season.

While Posada played only one game at catcher in 2011, his departure still signals the end of an era at the catcher position for the Yankees. Yankees fans hope Jesus Montero can be the "next Jorge Posada," but realistically there will never be another Jorge Posada.

It seems fitting that Posada did not sign elsewhere, whether it was his choice or not. Who knows if Posada was receiving calls, but the one known is that Posada did not receive the call. The call to come back to the one team he loved. The Yankees.

At this point I am rambling, as even as obvious as it seemed that Posada was destined for retirement, it is still a shock to my Yankees fan system that I will never see Posada play another game.

So thank you Jorge Posada for all the amazing seasons, the Championships, the records, the moments. I believe I speak for all fans when I say I cannot wait for Jorge Posada day.

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