Yankees "Crown" King Felix and the Mariners, 9-3

Moment of impact.

Michael Kay used that phrase after Chris Dickerson homered to give the Yankees a 6-1 lead in the fourth inning. I don't even know what that means. Is it a euphemism for something?

Anyway, tonight's contest was a prime example of "why they play the games." It was a mismatch on paper: Last year's Cy Young winner against a pitcher with a 6+ ERA entering the night. After the Yanks had scored seven total runs in the previous three games, they tattooed one of the game's best hurlers for six runs in six innings. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the barrage? While they pounded out 14 hits, they didn't walk even once. Part of that was a concerted effort to swing early against Felix - he's a guy batters don't want to fall behind on because he has so many weapons to put them away.

As for Phil Hughes, it's tough to get a true read due to the ineptness of Seattle's offense. He conceded five hits and three walks (against three K's) in six innings of work, but I'm certain a better lineup would've managed more than the lone run the M's scored against him. Regardless, it's a step in the right direction, and his post-dead arm starter's ERA stands at a respectable 4.55.

A day after making his big league debut as a defensive replacement, Austin Romine lined a single into rightfield for his first hit in the seventh inning. May it be the first of many, Austin.

Mark Teixeira got the party started with a solo home run on a hanging changeup to lead off the fourth inning. The inning followed as such: Cano double, Swisher single, Chavez sac-fly, Gardner double, Dickerson home run, Romine fly-out, Jeter groundout. All of a sudden the Bombers had a commanding 6-1 lead.

Three frames later Cano stepped to the plate with the bases juiced and lined the 10th pitch of the AB to deep leftfield to clear the bases. FYI, Cano is 8-17 with the bases juiced this year.

Once the Yanks had a 9-3 lead, two of the Killer B's  - Andrew Brackman and Dellin Betances - began warming in the bullpen. At least one of them looked destined to debut. But alas, Joe Girardi decided to go with Scott Proctor for a second inning (he served up a two-run homer) and then Luis Ayala to close out the affair. Very disappointing.

Play of the Game: Tex's home run (+15%).

Comment of the Game: I'mGivingYouARaise, because I couldn't agree more with the sentiment.

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