Cutting Members of the Rotation

The Yankees have 6 starting pitchers in their rotation, and that number is supposed to go down to 5 by the end of the week. Someone has to be cut. Furthermore, in the playoffs, a 4 man rotation is sufficient, meaning another member will have to be cut. In some cases, teams cut their rotation to 3 men and have them pitching on short rest in the playoffs. If the Yankees were to do this, they would only be able to keep half of the rotation they have now.

I know a lot of these decisions rest on the outcome of the Boston series, but my questions are: Who do you think will be cut first (this week), and who will be cut second (before the playoffs)? Do the Yankees need to go with a 3 man rotation in the playoffs? If yes, who else would you cut?

Below, I give reasons why every member of the rotation would stay or go.


Why they would stay in the rotation:


  • CC Sabathia is the ace. No doubt he's staying.
  • Phil Hughes has thrown very  well at times since coming off the DL. And after winning 18 games last year, he shouldn't take a step back and be booted out of the rotation.
  • Bartolo Colon has been solid all year, keeping his ERA comfortably under 4. He had a good bounce-back start over the weekend.
  • AJ Burnett is being paid $16.5M this year. You can't take someone making that much out of the rotation.
  • Freddy Garcia has the second best ERA on the team, and the third most wins.
  • Ivan Nova has been solid all year. He didn't deserve the demotion he got in July.
Why they would be taken out of the rotation:
  • CC Sabathia could be taken out of the rotation because Girardi wants to tank the rest of the year and become the underdogs. Or because he needs a super mop up man.
  • Phil Hughes has been inconsistent this year, with far too many terrible outings.
  • Bartolo Colon has thrown too many innings already. Time to go back to the bullpen.
  • AJ Burnett has been absolutely horrendous for a month now (and hasn't been helpful for almost 2 years now).
  • Freddy Garcia throws his fastball in the 80's. Surely he's going to get hit hard sooner or later.
  • Ivan Nova is the rookie and can't be trusted. Also, he's the easiest to move.

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